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Ending leaves you wanting...

By TheGreatStu
Written December 18, 2014
Certainly not the best of the series but a must see if you are going to understand what is to come. Once again I am disappointed that Alice is without her increadible powers that I have long awaited to be retuned to her. The ending of the movie we see her powers restored but do not get to see her wield them. Was not impressed with the story but the action and special effects more than makes up for it. I am a huge Alice fan and will wait impatienlty for the next installment where I am hopeful that Alice will wreck havoc on those infected with the T Virus and of course the Umbrella Corp.
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Cinematically Stunning!

By twystedsilver
Written September 17, 2012
The name felt a bit misleading on this film; though the story speaks of global catastrophe, the movie itself delves into a much smaller scope. However, it was a really fun installment in the Resident Evil series! I would definitely recommend it. Some of the acting was decidedly flat - like cardboard characters going through lines but without getting into character, but the actual visuals were exceptionally well-done. It was a blast that had me enjoying the latest in Alice's capers from open to close! For anyone who's hooked on this series, this is a must see.
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Proof, B movies still exist!

Written September 15, 2012
Horrible acting, overboard with the cheesy video game plot. The last 10 seconds make me look forward to the next one, but this one was a stinker!
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Best CGI So far

By tripknotix
Written September 17, 2012
Definetly realistic looking effects on the monsters, and in 3d no less, they did a great job on this one, youll see only alittle bit of resident bs here and there that comes with every film, but after the 1/3rd mark, its a roller coaster right of non stop action, 5 stars in my book
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If you like watching

By tonytdyagain
Written September 16, 2012
If you like watching someone else play an action game on Xbox, then you will enjoy this latest adventure of Alice. The movie was too predictable, but with lots of action. Not quite as good as the previous because of the predictable storyline, but seeing it in XD-3D was awesome. The 3d effects were good without being over the top, but as usual, there are a few cheesy in your face weapon throws, but that is to be expected in 3D movies. The lead in to the final movie looks like it could be really good if the director and producers get out of game-watch mode. My recommendation is if you like loud XD sound, and 3D, then go see this in a good theater. If not, wait for the DVD-BD release to just see the continuance of the series.
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