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By Mommy73107
Written October 15, 2010
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Horrible movie

By lehesai
Written September 10, 2010
A really horrible movie. Bad acting, no plot, no real ending. Just zombies, guns, men in black and a lot of useless dialogue. Wait for the sequel... It may even be much worse.
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after life no more

Written September 15, 2010
well all i have to say is it started great and got worse and worse and worse ........ the 1st 30 min of the movie keep you ready for more but ever 5 min after that you start to get a feeling of dissapontment lol dont go spending your money to see it .......
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Could they have made a worse 4th movie in the Resident Evil franchise?

By Timbo2274
Written September 13, 2010
I have been a Resident Evil Fan since the original came out. To be completely honest I was very disappointed with this newest installment. The 2nd & 3rd movies at least pick up at the ends of the 1st & 2nd movies & follow the underlying plot of the original trilogy. The attempt to do the same with this newest chapter in the saga is completely sub-par, in my opinion. To me the beginning of Afterlife was basically the most action filled & exciting part of the whole damn movie. Granted I didn't see the 3D or iMax version. As for the rest of the movie it was slow paced & even boring at times.
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It was not all that bad.

By Havoc571
Written September 10, 2010
The action was great! But for those of you who have played and followed the games and story, it will end up a bit of a disappointment. Characters that were never mentioned in the movies before appear. Yet in the games they were very important. All in all I would say that it is movie worthy and was actually not that bad in 3D.
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