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Resident Evil: Afterlife Synopsis
Alice (Milla Jovovich) and her companions head to a rumored safe haven in Los Angeles.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Shot in actual 3D rather than being the latest example of the horrible post-shooting conversion process, "Afterlife" undeniably looks...
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Time Out New York

By Keith Uhlich
Anderson makes often-inspiring use of the 3-D effects.
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Los Angeles Times

By Michael Ordona
If you're interested in this movie, it's because you love either seeing zombies explode (check), the video games (major character included,...
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Boxoffice Magazine

Jovovich is on cruise control here and she fails to bring any kind of new life to a character that has been very good to her.
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By Kim Newman
What fun there is to be had is undermined by drab 3D, hacked-out dialogue and rehashed plots.
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Sorry to disappoint the fanboys, but this is the first film in the Resident Evil series in which Milla Jovovich neither begins nor ends the...
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Austin Chronicle

By Marc Savlov
It pains me to say it, but Afterlife, the latest installment in this seemingly eternal zombie apocalypse franchise, is considerably more...
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Boston Globe

So nonchalant is Resident Evil: Afterlife, the fourth movie in Paul W.S. Anderson's dystopian franchise, that its overarching premise isn't...
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Orlando Sentinel

By Roger Moore
It's a humorless movie of morphing zombies (they take on beastly attributes), phoned-in performances and trite dialogue.
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Entertainment Weekly

Afterlife is slow-moving but relentless, and judging from a post-credits teaser that promises yet another sequel, it has an unquenchable...
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By Mommy73107

Horrible movie

By lehesai
A really horrible movie. Bad acting, no plot, no real ending. Just zombies, guns, men in black and a lot of useless dialogue. Wait for the sequel... It may even be much worse....

after life no more

well all i have to say is it started great and got worse and worse and worse ........ the 1st 30 min of the movie keep you ready for more but ever 5 min after that you start to get a feeling of...

It was not all that bad.

By Havoc571
The action was great! But for those of you who have played and followed the games and story, it will end up a bit of a disappointment. Characters that were never mentioned in the movies before...

Could they have made a worse 4th movie in the Resident Evil franchise?

By Timbo2274
I have been a Resident Evil Fan since the original came out. To be completely honest I was very disappointed with this newest installment. The 2nd & 3rd movies at least pick up at the ends of the...

Resident Evil: Afterlife

By tmckay
It was as good as the first and can not wait to see the next one....

Resident Evil: Afterlife

By AC-7
Totally fun & riveting intsallment to the series. Was not ready for it to end and am very ready for the next....

From a Fan of the Video Games.

By jill_valentine
Resident Evil Afterlife proved it should be petitioned out of existence along with all the previous and soon to be films. These movies haven’t gotten better, they’ve gotten worse. I went expecting...

Resident Evil: Afterlife "ALICE"

By Javajive
No doubt about it Ms. Milla Jovovich is amongst my favorite Adventure-Action women. The lovely Actress is phenomanel on screen as well as off-when doing Interviews: MILLA's very"nice & funny" &...

My thoughts on RE: Afterlife

By beastvamp
Compared to the rest of the movie series I thought that Afterlife was a lot more game based both in characters, ideas, and so on. I also just generally enjoyed it. I am a lover of zombies, in many...

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Common Sense Media says Fourth film in gory, video game-based series is now in 3-D.
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