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By Venom0105
Written September 23, 2010
This movie was awesome! I saw it in Imax 3D what an experince. Wish I had time to see it agian but my nearest imax is 2 hours away. Anyone who saw the other three has to see this one it will not disappoint.
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Five Word Review

By andysan_37
Written August 21, 2010
This movie will be beautiful
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By Morimaikarea
Written September 25, 2010
The story was a strange mixture between the game and standard Hollywood gimmick...Overall I'd say it's worth watching at the very least for the fight scenes..
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Worth the extra $$$ to get the full experience!

By dalidaisy
Written September 21, 2010
I really enjoyed this film. It was full of action & the 3-D effects were great. What you have to remember when seeing films like this is that you have to leave your brain at home. You see these movies for the fun of it, not to see a great film. If you are able to flip this switch & not critique the film, you will thoroughly enjoy it. The IMAX 3-D experience is totally immersive, loud & in your face, just the way it was made to be. Oh, and there's a new character (who doesn't stay around long, unfortunately) that really made the movie for me. It's not scary, really, but it's great fun. Watch & see for yourself...
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Five Word Review

By tranres
Written September 14, 2010
Worthgoing Spectacular Awesome Enjoyable Thrilling
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