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I felt like a zombie after watching it

By kraduate
Written February 20, 2017
To be fair, I am not a fan of this series. I see the movies with my husband because he is a big gamer. I find all of them unmemorable and this is the worst of the lot. I see a lot of reviewers impressed with the 3D. I'm sorry, visual affects will never win me over to a movie. Perhaps I'm too old school but whatever. This movie was boring. Uninspired plot. Snore inducing action.
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The Dead Rise! For the Fourth Time... Did Anderson finally kill the franchise?

By JohhnyJack
Written September 10, 2010
Positive: This movie has so far been the best 3-D movie ever, it kind of reminded me of the Matrix(You should know). Ali Larter and Milla Jovovich are two of the best looking actresses(Enough said). The story line did keep me paying attention. Is it because I grew up playing the video games or is it because it was written well?This one is going to have to be left alone. Finally; Alice is by far one of the coolest made-up Resident Evil characters and its about time for Mr. Chris. Negatives: Anderson made this movie a lot more about Umbrella and Alice.. and where the hell did the zombies go?I want to see more of those zombies that ripped the flesh off of Michelle Rodriguez!The zombies were more of experiments(but were pretty cool looking), and it was a little bit predictable when the people were gunna die. PS Where did Jill go? Even though there was a lot of negatives for this movie, it was still a good movie. Final Verdict:Its a Go! Anderson, whens 5?
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By PsiKnight
Written September 10, 2010
This was an extremely amazing movie. The 3D was the best I've seen. The action was great and the story rocked. Milla and Ali was sooo freakin hot. I can't wait to see it again. You must go if you like action movies or the video game. GO NOW!!
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Resident Evil Moved Away and didn't leave a forwarding address. (Spoiler Alert)

By MikePett
Written September 23, 2010
The Movie Resident Evil; Afterlife 3d was less than I expected and I wasn't expecting all that much really. It is pretty hard to disappoint a person who already likes zombies, video games and the movie franchise but the filmmakers managed to at once bore and disinterest me. I did not see the third movie in this series so I was unaware how far this franchise has slipped from the first installment which I liked a lot more than I thought I would and the second with was alright. I liked the explosions and the sexy lead female but I was put off by the obvious and unexplained video game elements. Mainly the Zombie Prison Boss, who showed up just to force the cast to go down into the zombie tunnels and chop the Chinese guy in half. There was not an inkling of where the new types of zombies were coming from unless you inferred it from the "They have been experimenting with the T cell thing" mentions in the script. The movie seemed directed by the video game developers. M
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Resident Evil:After life 3D

By Laureng723
Written October 07, 2010
IT WAS A MUST GO COMPLETLY!!! I loved it and you will too espicailly if you are into the series or just love zombies. It was a kick butt film with lots of action and the sound track went well with it. If you enjoy this you also will love the other ones in the series. This film introduces new and improved characters and old favs. If you enjoy suspense and things that pop out you will love this. Just be carful some parts are extreamly jumpy! Anyway......if your still reading this review get your butt up and go see this im serious get off the computer. :)
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