A bit exagerating

By Lorant
Written October 12, 2007
When I first saw Resident Evil(I'm talking about the first part) I didn't know what I was watching,but I promised miself that I'll do whatever it takes to find out what will happen next (if your really wondering,Milla Jovovich grabbed my interest in the movie to not watch something else :).After I watched the movie,my oppinion about it was that it's the best sci-fi horror movie I have ever seen! The hype was incredibly good,the characters the scene of action,and etc was just perfect and something new.BUT then I saw RE2.I was excited about it.It started like I hoped it would,but after a while it got,well...you kind of new what would have happened.And after I watched it fully,I just realised that between the 1 and the second part there was a large gap(so on was between 2 and 3).I thought the producers want to make the movie misterious,wich in the end of the series it would come out,and you would understand the hole storyline.BS,it was rushed.It still has questions unanswered.Maybe RE 4?
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By Daydream
Written October 05, 2007
I dont remember much of the first two Resident Evils, but I went into this movie to see if it was as good as people say it is. This movie definately has suspense. Im not a big jumper in movies, but there were times when something would just POP out and shock you. Milla is not only beautiful, but she shows her wild side. Great heroine with some killer moves. The zombie make-up was also very very well done. Im not a big fan of the zombie movies, but this was ok. Lil slow to open up with some good action scenes. I would wait to rent it...
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Good Sequel

By TheRealHades
Written September 21, 2007
It was a pretty good sequel for the movie franchise. Much better than the second one as it brought back the elements of fear and survival. Now if you go into this hoping to see it based on the games or novels, you will be let down. But if you go in looking at it from its own universe made for the movie franchise, it fits just nicely. The only real beef I had with this film is that it seemed to end very abrupt. Almost like the script writer just died 10 pages before he finished writing. This could be their way of leaving it open, or just a quick way to wrap everything up. Won't know for sure unless they announce a Resident Evil 4. Worth a day time price to see, but if you liked the films, a night price isn't out of the question.
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Resident Evil "Extinction" is Aptly named

By Patthemoviebuff
Written September 22, 2007
The third movie of the trilogy, Resident Evil will no doubt let down the millions of fans that is has created due to two very solid installment outings. "Extinction" is aptly named as it's a movie who's un-inspried action-sequences, sub par acting, tired special effect shots, and a "I've got more holes than the bodies at the OK Corral"plot will do a great injustice to a wonderful and beautiful actor named Mila and put the series to bed-making it extinct. However, to be fair, I did enjoy roughly 4 minutes of the movie. More if you count the trailers. Get this on a rental and watch Shoote em Up or 3:10 to Yuma instead.
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Resident Evil, extremely poor acting

By wynot
Written January 02, 2008
What were they thinking? OMG, Ashanti, not only CAN'T act, she extremely sucked and is SO unbelievable. What can't the priss get her face or clothes dirty? Even my dog does a better acting job. Stick to the shadows, you just can't act, don't even fake it, if I could I would erase you out of this film. what was the producers thinking, well it's apparent they weren't. Producers why ruin a film with Ashanti? Get a clue...she should die, not the good actors... too bad your sucked in by money... Ashanti, do us all a favor, don't be in a film anymore, and please don't believe the lies, you can NOT act. Me, has one person telling the truth, too bad all the rest of ya's didn't.
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