By cellogrl
Written October 25, 2007
OK, so the critics have totally panned it. Big deal. Part of the problem is that the movie was marketed as some kind of crime drama. It isn't. What it is, is a drama about the moral dilemma faced by a man who is an "officer of the court" (aka, lawyer) who screws up big by driving away from the scene of an accident where a child is killed. Was it stupid for him to do this? Absolutely. Are his actions as implausible as some critics have said? Unfortunately, no. Happens all the time, sadly. Just read the NY Times! Or the Daily News. Or the Post, which also said the movie sucked. It doesn't suck. You see excellent performances from Joaquin Phoenix, Jennifer Connolly, Mark Ruffalo, and Mira Sorvino. Go see it; it's actually very good.
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No reservations recommending this movie...

Written October 27, 2007
This is a good movie not a great one. The plot is extremely simplistic yet the acting makes it worth the $10. All of the much expected emotion over this tragedy that's every parent's nightmare would be dull in the hands of lesser actors. I did feel a bit played by the director but he did such a good job I didn't mind though he did push me right to the edge. Crime thriller this is not, rather it spoon feeds you all of the way through, there are no twists and turns, nothing to figure out, just actors who personify their characters so well that you are entertained, moved a bit, but not challenged.
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Reservation Road

By mommymommybear
Written November 03, 2007
Horrible, horrible movie. A tear jerker that doesn't end. The plot is predictable and only Mark Ruffalo was a believable character; even at that I couldn't sympathize with his character at all. We want to walk out befor the movie was half way done and did end up walking out befor the movie predictably ended. Don''t waste you money.
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Reservation Road

By movie-watcher1000
Written October 29, 2007
First off I hate movies that end like that.........Did Mark Ruffalo kill himself, go to jail,get probation, or go free. You don not know all you see is the back of his son crying while looking at his video. I went to see it b/c of Mark Ruffalo and he was just as good and cute as ever! Jennifer and Joaquin were good too. I do think the movie did portray what a family who loses a child would go thru. Most couples have a hard time and sometime don't make it thru the tragic ordeal, so I think it portrayed that well. Overall I think it was good, not fantastic,I think after the boy died you pretty much knew what would follow. But again all 3 showed their great talent.
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Reservation Road

Written November 06, 2009
I watched this one because nothing else was on and I like Joaquin. Not a bad movie. I thought it was moving.
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