Reservation Road Synopsis
Two families become intertwined when the father from one kills the son of the other in a hit-and-run.
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By cellogrl
OK, so the critics have totally panned it. Big deal. Part of the problem is that the movie was marketed as some kind of crime drama. It isn't. What it is, is a drama about the moral dilemma faced by a...

No reservations recommending this movie...

This is a good movie not a great one. The plot is extremely simplistic yet the acting makes it worth the $10. All of the much expected emotion over this tragedy that's every parent's nightmare would ...

Reservation Road

By mommymommybear
Horrible, horrible movie. A tear jerker that doesn't end. The plot is predictable and only Mark Ruffalo was a believable character; even at that I couldn't sympathize with his character at all. We...

Reservation Road

By movie-watcher1000
First off I hate movies that end like that.........Did Mark Ruffalo kill himself, go to jail,get probation, or go free. You don not know all you see is the back of his son crying while looking at his...

Reservation Road

I watched this one because nothing else was on and I like Joaquin. Not a bad movie. I thought it was moving....

Don't be reserved about seeing this!

By SaneGirl
Ignore the critics. Watch it and weep. Someone said earlier that after the boy died you knew what was going to happen, well, I didn't. Some of you must just watch too many movies. Beautiful...

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By snowdropbluecross
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Rated R | For language and some disturbing images
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Common Sense Media says Heartbreaking melodrama is too heavy for kids.
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