If you don't see this, you are a communist.

By VC4life
Written July 21, 2007
Ho Chi Minh himself would have worshiped the sexy Christian Bale for contributing to the cinematic perfection that is Rescue Dawn. This work of art was unprecedented in its compelling, yet entertaining examination of the true struggles of a real American hero in a time when the Commies were trying to take over the world. Rich with themes of heroism, determination, and pro-capitalism, Rescue Dawn takes the heroic journey to a WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL. For you traitors who think this movie is just the lame exploitation of some random soldier's military experience in the dense, sultry jungles of Southeast Asia and has no artistic, emotional, or intellectual value, you can march your communist ***up the Ho Chi Minh Trail to North Vietnam and have a bowl of Pho with Jane Fonda. Rescue Dawn is the jewel of all Vietnam related movies, not only because of its complex plot and intriguing themes, but because it didn't dehumanize the audience with outrageous special effects or kinky sex. Simply amazing
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By sam2323
Written July 05, 2007
GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!! Incredible movie. Compelling, and brilliantly acted. it is a must see!!!!
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Do I hear...and the Oscar goes too....

By cari631
Written July 14, 2007
If you don't come out of this movie feeling like you can conquer pretty much anything, then you never will. The direction of Werner Herzog is unlike anything I have ever seen. He puts you right in the scene, experiencing the moments. You are with them, walking through the jungle, riding the rapids, crash landing a plane. The acting is so extraordinary and without effort that you get lost in the characters pain, hunger and optimism. It's been said in so many interviews that the movie was a journey for all involved. I felt like I had traveled part of that journey after seeing this incredible vision of a true heroes determination to regain his freedom. Christian Bale's true versatility and talent shine here. He once again becomes immersed in a role, channeling the boyishly optomistic and innocent Dengler to the point of exhaustion. You realize that noone else could have done 'Little Dieter' more justice. Love this movie for the journey and lessons learned. But remember the man, Dieter.
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Rescue Dawn - A Powerful Lesson in Survival

By Phyllis Woods
Written July 31, 2007
Rescue Dawn gives an unflinching look at life in a prison camp during time of war. I personally left the theatre with a new appreciation for the amenities of life that are a part of normal living in the USA. The film also provides some insight into the type of attitude needed for survival under horribly difficult circumstances - In Dengler's case it was his feistiness, faith, and sheer desire to make it. Christian Bale does a great job of making the viewer see these qualities in this man. The brutality of life in the prison camp is depicted vividly, as are treacherous aspects of the jungle itself. Surviving in this environment would require everything a man had to give. The ending was the best part. The viewer can really feel the miracle of the rescue, and can rejoice in the euphoric moment that follows. It makes you grateful such a thing was possible.
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Excellent Movie...Worth the Bucks!

By DocNemo_Medic
Written August 02, 2007
In this age of expensive movies – where a movie costs $10 and if you’ve brought a date, you’re looking at half a Franklin with food and drink – there is rarely a movie worth the money spent to see it on the big screen. This movie provides an exception. While not the typical blood and guts, “let’s get some” style, this movie lends itself willingly to a thought-provoking approach. Christian Bale plays a believable soul whose dream as a boy is realized when he receives his wings to fly for the US Navy. While some artistic license is taken for dramatic purposes, the story is honest, heartfelt, and for this veteran – a sincere look at becoming a prisoner in a conflict where many young Americans were never heard from again. Afterward I wondered – is this what happened to the men still missing? Is this why so many families do not know what happened to their fathers, sons, and brothers? Bottom Line: See the movie – well-done, well-acted and a story worth telling and knowing…
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