Rescue Dawn Synopsis
A U.S. fighter pilot (Christian Bale) is shot down during the Vietnam War and becomes a POW.
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If you don't see this, you are a communist.

By VC4life
Ho Chi Minh himself would have worshiped the sexy Christian Bale for contributing to the cinematic perfection that is Rescue Dawn. This work of art was unprecedented in its compelling, yet...


By sam2323
GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!! Incredible movie. Compelling, and brilliantly acted. it is a must see!!!!...

Do I hear...and the Oscar goes too....

By cari631
If you don't come out of this movie feeling like you can conquer pretty much anything, then you never will. The direction of Werner Herzog is unlike anything I have ever seen. He puts you right in...

Rescue Dawn - A Powerful Lesson in Survival

By Phyllis Woods
Rescue Dawn gives an unflinching look at life in a prison camp during time of war. I personally left the theatre with a new appreciation for the amenities of life that are a part of normal living in...

Excellent Movie...Worth the Bucks!

By DocNemo_Medic
In this age of expensive movies – where a movie costs $10 and if you’ve brought a date, you’re looking at half a Franklin with food and drink – there is rarely a movie worth the money spent to see it...


By edub70
The story told in Rescue Dawn is a lie and tarnishes many of the families of the men who actually lived this story. Learn more about it at ***

Great film!

By moviegal27
This movie had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I enjoyed watching Dieter Dengler's (Christian Bale) almost childlike optimism as he attempts to escape a nightmarish existence in a POW camp....

Bale at his Best.

By adapter0086
The movie takes place in vietnam with the cinematography and choreography done so well it catches you takes you for amazing ride. The plot moves so prefectly and the genius work of Werner Herzog...

Rescue Dawn

By imyrhcklbrry
The story impelling. The acting superb by both Christian Bale and Steve Zahn. Riviting true story that touches your core. Will own this movie....

A good friends perspective

By cortreno
The movie seems to pretty much follow what Dieter related to me over the years. The most glaring error,was the portraiture of fellow POW, Gene De Bruin.Dieter spoke very highly of the real Gene. The...

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Rated PG-13 | For some sequences of intense war violence and torture
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Common Sense Media says Intense POW film explores torture, survival.
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