Not Paris, 1968 and not a do***entary.

By claes_u
Written May 02, 2008
Not Paris, 1968 and not a do***entary. The story is in present time and is about some friends in Osla, Norway. There is some small parts looking back in history, but not to 1968. And there is a very small part of the movie taking place in Paris. It´s not a do***entary but a romantic-drama-comedy, but much more intelligent than usually. It is a film about friendship, love, madness and creativity. A film you must see. Link to the official movie site: [BLOCKED WEBSITE] And by the way, if you don´t know, prosopopeia - prosopopoeia [pros-o-po-pee-a], the Greek rhetorical term for a trope consisting either of the personification of some non-human being or idea, or of the representation of an imaginary, dead, or absent person as alive and capable of speech and hearing, as in an apostrophe. It is good to know if you shall see the movie.
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It's artistic and foreign-- if thats the kind of movie you like you should see this.

By Rebecca___
Written July 04, 2008
I just saw this today and really enjoyed it. I found it amusing and very enjoyable. The characters are interesting and their interactions are fun to watch. The movie translates well, it is easy to settle into the pace and patterns of the dialect. I really enjoyed the style of filming and the artistic nuances. I'd recommend this film to a friend.
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