Going to be the next hottest thing!

By Hcosurfer2233
Written July 19, 2008
I know this movie is gonna be HOT! Anything with Paris Hilton is going to be amazing and i cant wait to see it! :D
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By kiikii713
Written April 19, 2013
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Repo is an Absolute Must See!!!!!!!!

By greenenvy79
Written October 30, 2008
Forget Paris Hilton, I am excited for Anthony Stewart Head and Sarah Brightman who are the real stars of this amazing piece of music and film. I have the soundtrack and it truly is a twisted piece of genius! From what I have seen of the film clips I have been prevy to, it is going to be a dark delight for your eyes and your ears! Hold onto your organs boys and girls, cause this will blow you away!
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Sarah Brightman and Repo gear rocks

By tvfangrrl
Written January 24, 2009
the movie isn't on my top ten...or top 100 - but i luv sarah brightman and i love some of the cool Repo gear out there. sarah's web site is awesome. I also found a cool blog [BLOCKED WEBSITE] that links to some sweet repo designs.
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The Goth baby of Rocky Horror and Reefer Madness

By gavynhelfyre
Written December 07, 2008
"Goth Opera... Blood Saga" This movie is amazing if you realize that it is exactly what the previews show it to be.. no more no less. It is a goth/sci-fi/horror musical that goes all the way to the top and trips over it at will just to keep itself fun. Make no mistake, this is not a serious movie and it's not a movie who want serious musical theater. The only thing I would recommend is to listen to the soundtrack before going, because of the music style, you may end up thinking certain parties can't sing, when in fact the song is written to be performed as a speak sing. Seriously, if you have any interest in this movie, give it a try.. but go in expecting it to be fun and nothing more. Remember, it's a thankless job.... but somebody's got to do it.
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