Not Bad!

By too_legit
Written April 21, 2012
I really don't know how this movie got such bad reviews!? I watched this movie on Blue Ray and it was incredible. I haven't seen a plot anything like this one. It's a must rent in my opinion.
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Five Word Review

By NaiveNoMore
Written February 27, 2010
Out Right Plagiarism! WatchRepo! TheGeneticOpera
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Entertaining enough

By Ajlina
Written March 20, 2010
I was fascinated by the concept and I like Jude Law films and so off I went. Acting was good - Law, Whitaker, Schreiber, believable. Loved the music, the fight scenes rocked, the atmosphere was spot on, money well spent on the sets, CG was good. Story was fine. Didn't like the singing girl, they could have found someone better - that can actually sing and act. Tempo was up and down - not an adrenaline junkies movie - they will get bored. Viewers that like gore, knives, surgery, will be entertained. A little bit of sci-fi, life family drama, action, not suspenseful I'm afraid, but it held my interest throughout. I liked the ending ;) I will watch it again on DVD. Late teens and up. Jude fans will enjoy his hotness. I see people are screaming rip-off - I say who cares! I didn't see the "original" and I'm betting most people didn't. If I waited for an original movie - I'd never go to the movies.
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By sharkcat82
Written March 11, 2010
This is a complete rip-off of Repo the Genetic Opera. Anyone even thinking of seeing this should see the other first. At least the other has brilliant music and amazing actors such as Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy), Sarah Brightman, and Alexa Vega (Spy Kids). GRRRR Hollywood knock-offs
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Jude and Forest work well together but this doesnt use that to its full

By Dark_Chameleon
Written March 27, 2010
The premise is good, the idea, the plot, the futuristic look without geing all star wars or artsy about it. The only problem here are the characters arnt used enough, the action isnt dramatic enough, the ending was too easy to figure and the change of heart (pardon the pun) just didnt work so good as no enough time was allow judes character to change his attitude. Given another 20 minutes and some good screen writing this could have been a very good sci fi movie but it was cut too short and too many characters wernt developed enough to feel for/with them, as a sci fi fan i enjoyed it but didnt love it Grade: B- (could have been so much better)
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