Repo Men Synopsis
Repo men remove body organs from transplant patients who default on payments.
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Not Bad!

By too_legit
I really don't know how this movie got such bad reviews!? I watched this movie on Blue Ray and it was incredible. I haven't seen a plot anything like this one. It's a must rent in my opinion....

Five Word Review

By NaiveNoMore
Out Right Plagiarism! WatchRepo! TheGeneticOpera...

Entertaining enough

By Ajlina
I was fascinated by the concept and I like Jude Law films and so off I went. Acting was good - Law, Whitaker, Schreiber, believable. Loved the music, the fight scenes rocked, the atmosphere was spot...


By sharkcat82
This is a complete rip-off of Repo the Genetic Opera. Anyone even thinking of seeing this should see the other first. At least the other has brilliant music and amazing actors such as Anthony Head...

Jude and Forest work well together but this doesnt use that to its full

By Dark_Chameleon
The premise is good, the idea, the plot, the futuristic look without geing all star wars or artsy about it. The only problem here are the characters arnt used enough, the action isnt dramatic enough,...

Repo Men

By uashaner
Can I go back to the theater and repossess my $9 and 60 minutes? I left halfway through. This movie could not hold my attention....

People complaining about similarities need to shut up

By tjmac510
Alright I realize that this is essentially a rip off of Repo the Genetic Opera, a great and underrated film that is a definite cult classic. That being said Hollywood loves to reuse ideas and things...

Hope you don't have a weak stomach!

By BranFlakes1981
Wow, this movie had way more blood & gore than I ever could have expected. (The lady next to me almost got sick more than once...) 80% of the blood scenes looked real, the other 20% looked fake fake...

A job is just a job right?

By LadySaphyre84
First let me just say whether or not you think this is a rip off, it is still worth checking out. This futuristic thrill ride will keep you on the edge of your seat. The writers and director...

Holes Galore

By davefromdallas
Im the kinda guy that doesn't notice bad plots or bad acting so when i say i'm disappointed, its saying a lot. The main character is hurt on company time with faulty company equipment. Then the...

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Rated R | For strong bloody violence, grisly images, language and some sexuality/nudity
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Common Sense Media says Gory futuristic action film with anti-corporate message.
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