this is great!!!

By RENTchick68
Written August 23, 2008
I was so bummed that when they extended til sep that the last few days were by invite only. I had tickets to the june 1 2pm show what was going to be the 2nd to last performance. But now I can see the last performance on the big screen....I would love to see it in person but this will be the next best thing............Please please please put this on DVD at some point
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calling all rentheads!!!!!

By ykp
Written October 06, 2008
this film was definitely paying homage to the show. it was filmed in the same style the show was directed, which made it a perfect reflection of the what the creator larson wanted. u couldn't help but feel as if u were watching marc cohen's finished work made during the story of rent. the final cast, while not well known to most, did their repsective charcters and former portrayers justice. each stayed true to their role while making the same all their own. a special nod to adam kantor, his turn as marc was excellent and gave anthony rapp a run for his money :-). this was a great way to send off the national tour. i can't wait until feb '09 when rent pulls into philly. i've already put in for tix! :-)
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Rent Filmed Live On Broadway

By imageworkz
Written October 07, 2008
Thought I died and went to Heaven Can't they do this with all Broadway shows? Can I buy this to view over and over? Highly Recommended! Not good for kids or rednecks
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By Benzy624
Written September 28, 2008
This was an awesome movie, you felt as if you were in the theatre. I would definitely recommend this movie.
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RENT rocks my world

By jugglerfreak
Written September 27, 2008
Overall, I enjoyed it. I've seen the play on stage in NY and LA. I also own the soundtrack, and saw the movie version that was made recently with much of the original cast. In that sense, it was very clear to me when choices were made to sing or act the show differently. As an actor, I appreciate making a character your own, but as an audience member, part of me would have liked to hear songs with the phrasing more like the original casts. It took a bit of time to get in to "we are watching a staged production on film" aspect. For a while I felt like I could have been at home watching a PBS showing of the musical. But after a little while I felt like I was really in it. I liked hearing the audience reactions of those attending the recording, and myself and other movie audience members were inspired to clap after some songs as though we were really there. I liked that filming was done from many angles so you could see up close reactions of characters. I giggled at the 'intermission'.
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