Reno 911

By moviereviewx4
Written April 15, 2007
The VT show is great. The movie was not, I am glad I only paid $1.50 to see it! Unfortunately I bought six tickets for my kids and their friends. I could’ve walked out at any time, alone with the other four people that left.
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By xxbaysidekingxx
Written March 01, 2007
there were a lot of funny scenes and i was happy i went
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so funny

By the_mad_movie_goer
Written April 27, 2007
if you a fan of reno 911 yes its a must go if not you might not get it all but I laughed my ***off not borat funny but funny none the less
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it was alright

By greenxc
Written March 05, 2007
Wish I did not see the previews so atleast I could see some funny parts that were going to come up. Move was ehhhh ok, I would rather have not paid the $9 to go see it. A few funny parts that got me laughing for a little bit, but nothing to counter the boring plot of the rest of the movie. Might as well save the money and go watch another movie, unless you are bored and have $9 to throw away.
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Not Bad

By jth
Written February 27, 2007
This movie is pretty funny. If you watch the show, its just like it, simply longer. There are its calm or stupid jokes and then there are some that are just hilarious. Its pretty good and worth seeing
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