Renee Fleming with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

By aussiebaby
Written February 06, 2016
The Israel Philharmonic Program was terrific. Renee Flemimg was terrific as always. She gave us a extra treat by singing Hallelujah.Calleja gets better every time I hear him and the two of them gave us beautiful duets in which their voices blended so well. Zubin Mehta excelled on the podium. This type of presentation gives us such variety. We have voice and instrumentals so die hards of either form can relish the evening. More and more people I know are eager to learn what's coming next. A woman who just learned of the Met HD series asked me to get tickets for the whole season when I bought my own. I missed out on the "Memphis" show and am eager to see some of your Broadway shows. Thanks so much for the opportunity you have given us.
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Renee Fleming & Joseph Calleja with Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

By netch
Written August 01, 2011
This was a real treat. Glorious singing and very accessible selection of music and arias obviously geared to the unsophisticated ear. Nice balance of orchestra alone, each singer, and duets. I love Joseph Calleja's voice which blended nicely with Renee Fleming's still gorgeous vocal skills. His acting was not in her category and their chemistry was slightly distant despite her great efforts but since this was not an opera it wasn't a big deal. The production was well done and camera angles of the orchestra and Mehta were good but there were several short technical glitches in the sound. It was not clear whether the sound problems were in the original tape or the copy that was being played at the Regal Union Square theater. Sounded like feedback problems with the mikes. It was still wonderful to be able to enjoy this without having to travel more than a few blocks from home. Highly recommended.
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Renee Fleming live with Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

By jankre
Written July 30, 2011
Loved it. Selections by orchestra were wonderful, also solos and duets by Renee and Joseph, outstanding. Lots of wonderful encores. The filming was not as crisp or interesting as those of the LA Phil that I have seen; several times during instrument solos the camera was not on the soloist. Also there were a few glitches in the sound. But all in all it is a wonderful way to experience theater and music for those of us who cannot afford live theater prices. Keep it up
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live from jerusalem

By carilisa
Written August 02, 2011
I like it very very very much Ilike RENEE , Israel orchestra AND THAT WONDERFULL VOICE OF CALEJJA
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Live with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

By operafan43
Written July 29, 2011
An amazing experience … Both Renee and Joseph Calleka were fantastic … Seeing this in the movie theater was a wonderful experience
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