By rendition
Written October 17, 2007
The movie is thrilling and makes you question the world we live in and it's not liberal propoganda i think that if you don't see this movie it's a big mistake
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Political Hooey at it's best...

By jackyoup
Written October 20, 2007
First you liberals need to understand that this practice was not started under the present administration but under Bill Clinton. The fact that the libs are so pissed off about something that has served the security of our nation well and that was started by the libs is almost comical. So the right gets blamed for what the left started and used for years...sounds like normal left wing thinking. This whole movie shows you just how very left hollywood is in EVERYTHING they do...unbelieveable. Wake up people!
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Propaganda Extravagansa!

By Couch_Fat_Nostrilhair
Written October 25, 2007
Another blind anti-war leftist screed from our co-citizens in Hollywood. Sigh. What a waste of talent. Alan Arkin and Reese Witherspoon are class A actors and are good in this propaganda piece, but I have to wonder, "Is everyone in Hollywood a leftist mouthpiece or are they just doing this for the money?" Don't waste your time. Save your money and get your "USA=Satan" propaganda from the NY Times or Al Jazeera.
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Lifetime material

Written January 21, 2008
This movie felt like it could have been made for TV minus the torture scenes. Those scenes were the only ones that seemed believable to me.
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keeps your attention but gets a little confusing...

By irishmoviefan13
Written October 19, 2007
This movie is definitely worth seeing and will really make you think. the only negative thing i can say is that it got kindof confusing towards the end.
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