Renée Zellweger
Date of Birth
Apr 25, 1969
Birth Place:
Katy, TX

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Colin Firth Bridget Jones's Baby
2016 Gemma Jones Bridget Jones's Baby
2016 Jim Broadbent Bridget Jones's Baby
2016 Patrick Dempsey Bridget Jones's Baby
2016 Jon Voight Same Kind of Different As Me
2016 Greg Kinnear Same Kind of Different As Me
2016 Djimon Hounsou Same Kind of Different As Me
2016 Keanu Reeves The Whole Truth
2016 James Belushi The Whole Truth
2010 Callum Keith Rennie Case 39
2010 Ian McShane Case 39
2010 Elias Koteas My Own Love Song
2010 Nick Nolte My Own Love Song
2010 Forest Whitaker My Own Love Song
2009 Kiefer Sutherland Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 Reese Witherspoon Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 Jeffrey Tambor Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 Hugh Laurie Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 Paul Rudd Monsters vs. Aliens
2009 Nick Stahl My One and Only
2009 Kevin Bacon My One and Only
2009 Steven Weber My One and Only
2009 J.K. Simmons New in Town
2009 Harry Connick, Jr. New in Town
2008 Jeremy Irons Appaloosa
2008 Ed Harris Appaloosa
2008 Lance Henriksen Appaloosa
2008 Timothy Spall Appaloosa
2008 Viggo Mortensen Appaloosa
2008 Stephen Root Leatherheads
2008 George Clooney Leatherheads
2008 Jonathan Pryce Leatherheads
2007 Barry Levinson Bee Movie
2007 Renée Taylor Bee Movie
2007 Tim Blake Nelson Bee Movie
2007 Sting Bee Movie
2007 Rip Torn Bee Movie
2007 Alan Arkin Bee Movie
2007 Oprah Winfrey Bee Movie
2007 William H. Macy Bee Movie
2007 Matthew Broderick Bee Movie
2007 Ray Liotta Bee Movie
2007 John Goodman Bee Movie
2007 Kathy Bates Bee Movie
2007 Michael Richards Bee Movie
2007 Chris Rock Bee Movie
2007 Jerry Seinfeld Bee Movie
2006 Bill Paterson Miss Potter
2006 Phyllida Law Miss Potter
2006 Ewan McGregor Miss Potter
2006 Emily Watson Miss Potter
2005 Russell Crowe Cinderella Man
2005 Paul Giamatti Cinderella Man
2004 Jim Broadbent Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
2004 Hugh Grant Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
2004 Gemma Jones Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
2004 Colin Firth Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
2004 Shirley Henderson Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
2004 Frank Vincent Shark Tale
2004 Will Smith Shark Tale
2004 Jack Black Shark Tale
2004 Martin Scorsese Shark Tale
2004 Peter Falk Shark Tale
2004 Robert De Niro Shark Tale
2004 Angelina Jolie Shark Tale
2004 Michael Imperioli Shark Tale
2003 Kathy Baker Cold Mountain
2003 Melora Walters Cold Mountain
2003 Donald Sutherland Cold Mountain
2003 Brendan Gleeson Cold Mountain
2003 Nicole Kidman Cold Mountain
2003 Philip Seymour Hoffman Cold Mountain
2003 Giovanni Ribisi Cold Mountain
2003 Lucas Black Cold Mountain
2003 Eileen Atkins Cold Mountain
2003 Natalie Portman Cold Mountain
2003 Jude Law Cold Mountain
2003 Jena Malone Cold Mountain
2003 Ray Winstone Cold Mountain
2003 Ewan McGregor Down With Love
2003 David Hyde Pierce Down With Love
2003 Tony Randall Down With Love
2002 Taye Diggs Chicago
2002 Dominic West Chicago
2002 Lucy Liu Chicago
2002 Queen Latifah Chicago
2002 Richard Gere Chicago
2002 Christine Baranski Chicago
2002 John C. Reilly Chicago
2002 Catherine Zeta-Jones Chicago
2002 Patrick Fugit White Oleander
2002 Michelle Pfeiffer White Oleander
2002 Stephen Root White Oleander
2002 Billy Connolly White Oleander
2002 Robin Wright Penn White Oleander
2001 Colin Firth Bridget Jones's Diary
2001 Hugh Grant Bridget Jones's Diary
2001 Jim Broadbent Bridget Jones's Diary
2001 Embeth Davidtz Bridget Jones's Diary
2001 Shirley Henderson Bridget Jones's Diary
2001 Gemma Jones Bridget Jones's Diary
2001 Stephen Root King of the Hill: Ho Yeah!
2001 Snoop Dogg King of the Hill: Ho Yeah!
2000 Richard Jenkins Me, Myself & Irene
2000 Robert Forster Me, Myself & Irene
2000 Jessica Harper Me, Myself & Irene
2000 Jim Carrey Me, Myself & Irene
2000 Chris Cooper Me, Myself & Irene
2000 Pruitt Taylor Vince Nurse Betty
2000 Allison Janney Nurse Betty
2000 Aaron Eckhart Nurse Betty
2000 Greg Kinnear Nurse Betty
2000 Crispin Glover Nurse Betty
2000 Steve Franken Nurse Betty
2000 Morgan Freeman Nurse Betty
2000 Chris Rock Nurse Betty
1999 Hal Holbrook The Bachelor
1999 James Cromwell The Bachelor
1999 Ed Asner The Bachelor
1999 Peter Ustinov The Bachelor
1999 Brooke Shields The Bachelor
1999 Chris O'Donnell The Bachelor
1998 Michael Rooker Deceiver
1998 Tim Roth Deceiver
1998 Chris Penn Deceiver
1998 Ellen Burstyn Deceiver
1998 Rosanna Arquette Deceiver
1998 Meryl Streep One True Thing
1998 Lauren Graham One True Thing
1998 William Hurt One True Thing
1998 Gerritt Graham One True Thing
1998 Edie Falco A Price Above Rubies
1998 Christopher Eccleston A Price Above Rubies
1998 Julianna Margulies A Price Above Rubies
1998 Kim Hunter A Price Above Rubies
1996 Bonnie Hunt Jerry Maguire
1996 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Jerry Maguire
1996 Kelly Preston Jerry Maguire
1996 Beau Bridges Jerry Maguire
1996 Donal Logue Jerry Maguire
1996 Regina King Jerry Maguire
1996 Lamont Johnson Jerry Maguire
1996 Eric Stoltz Jerry Maguire
1996 Jay Mohr Jerry Maguire
1996 Mike White Jerry Maguire
1996 Lucy Liu Jerry Maguire
1996 Tom Cruise Jerry Maguire
1996 Vincent D'Onofrio The Whole Wide World
1996 Harve Presnell The Whole Wide World
1996 Ann Wedgeworth The Whole Wide World
1995 Anthony LaPaglia Empire Records
1995 Tobey Maguire Empire Records
1995 Liv Tyler Empire Records
1995 J.T. Walsh The Low Life
1995 Sean Astin The Low Life
1995 James LeGros The Low Life
1995 Kyra Sedgwick The Low Life
1995 Matthew McConaughey Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
1994 Stephen Baldwin 8 Seconds
1994 Carrie Snodgress 8 Seconds
1994 Ann Wedgeworth Love and a .45
1994 Peter Fonda Love and a .45
1994 Jack Nance Love and a .45
1994 Jeffrey Combs Love and a .45
1994 Kevin Pollak Reality Bites
1994 Keith David Reality Bites
1994 Swoosie Kurtz Reality Bites
1994 Joe Don Baker Reality Bites
1994 Ethan Hawke Reality Bites
1994 Anne Meara Reality Bites
1994 Winona Ryder Reality Bites
1994 Ben Stiller Reality Bites
1994 Steve Zahn Reality Bites
1994 Jeanne Tripplehorn Reality Bites
1994 Janeane Garofalo Reality Bites
1994 John Mahoney Reality Bites
1994 Howie Mandel Shake, Rattle & Rock!
1994 Max Perlich Shake, Rattle & Rock!
1992 Henry Thomas A Taste for Killing
1992 Michael Biehn A Taste for Killing
1991 Joseph Bologna Married... With Children: Top of the Heap
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