Five Word Review

By jlsommers
Written March 13, 2010
Heartbreaking, Breathtaking and Tragically Beautiful
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Fantastic and Very Underrated Movie

By DarkNiteV
Written January 26, 2017
I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews for this movie. I think it is one of the greatest movies I've seen in a very long time. It's not just a mushy girl loves boy, boy loves girl movie. It expands so much further than that with family relationships, friendships, lovers and life itself. Dealing with the complications in life and becoming a stronger person because of them. I highly recommend this movie to everyone and hope you are willing to sit down to with mind and watch it the whole way through. The acting is amazing, and the writing was amazing.
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By birac
Written March 17, 2010
LUCY MENDIOLA DIXON FOR ONE!!!! You wrote how "surprised" you were. Now,whoever reads yours wont be!!!!! WTH????? Those who do so know what the heck they're doing too,because there are plenty of times people say things like "..don't want to give away the ending" (thankyou to i_marty) and "SPOILER ALERT" come on,have some tact! AS FOR THE MOVIE-hands down one of the best in the last year.Not oscar best movie,real people best movie. You know the difference! It is not any particular genre,it was written with good purpose,acting was all just right. No upstaging,real cohesiveness with the whole cast and idea of what they were putting out. Easily could have turned formulaic,easily could have descended into crude language and gratuitous sex/nude garbage-but did not. Thank you to director and cast who had confidence in their material and abilities. WILL SEE AGAIN AND WILL BUY!
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By keatsgirl
Written March 23, 2010
There is definitely some bias going on out there in "professional" critic land. This movie had my attention and delight the whole time. Not just a romance at all. There are a variety of relationships and situations that are dealt with and bring most of the cast together at some points. Every actor was totally believable and natural. Nothing seemed forced or out of place. Additionally, it is pretty clean. Intimate scene was a little lengthy,but no nudity there or something that would feel inappropriate with opposite sex. Language was minimal. Real life situations brought to the screen in engaging,funny,sad and captivating performances and directing. PLEASE MAKE MORE PREVIEW SCENES LIKE THIS MOVIE HAD--THAT DID NOT TELL THE WHOLE STORY. We definitely were blown away and impressed with everything the whole movie meant by the ending. Will go again. Will buy as soon as it is out. Rob P. is going to go far as an artist,as will the lovely younger sister in this movie
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Written March 17, 2010
So excited to talk about Remember Me. To address the big Pattinson question first--the man totally made me forget that he was EDWARD! That in itself is something,however,i need to say his acting was superb. He only had himself to depend on,not a phenomenon of a saga,and to me he came through triumphantly. Professional critics are making a big mistake by giving this film lukewarm attention just because of the Twilight popularity Pattinson brought to the studio. Please do not write this off because you think you know what it is. FOR ONCE,the previews gave barely anything away. this is a quality story. Brosnan,Cooper,the best friend,the little sister and the girlfriend were all award winning performances. This movie will stay with you. I can't wait to go again and take all my friends,etc. Maybe most of my enthusiasm is because the success was so unexpected. Please trust me. All over 12 will be happy. ALSO-no r rated unnecessaries that easily could have been implemented in this type movie
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