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After discovering that the Nazi guard responsible for the deaths of his family members is living in America under an assumed identity, a man sets out to deliver long overdue justice.
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Amazing Ending

By stevenasong
So great to see Christopher Plummer in a leading role. People win awards for playing characters with mental and physical limitations and challenges, and dementia should be up there as well. The...


By simberl
Watching Christopher Plummer is pure film magic! His eyes convey more than a million words ever could. Watching Christopher Plummer AND Martin Landau a filmgoers dream! ...

STUNNING tour de force!

By Sammypie1112
Props to Christopher Plummer for his 'role of a lifetime' performance, to Benjamin August who penned this beautifully intricate and surprising tale, and to director Atom Egoyan who deftly drew our...

Do not miss this...

By lebark
A great story. Well written. Well cast. Brilliantly performed and directed and edited. Will leave you with much to think about....


By bigm35
I must be the only person that saw this movie that did not find it that great. The ending sent chills up my spine but the time it took to get to the ending I thought was tedioius. The Texas state...


By 3398Tullamore
The story begins as a poignant tale of a man who has lost his wife and who suffers from dementia. It slowly progresses to a tale of that man going on a mission with a letter to remind him of every...

Fascinating Twist

By BGN1822
One of the best Holocaust themed films I've seen. I loved the wonderful performances by these mature actors....

Tense and well done

By olarsch

Unexpected ending.

By mchill1962


By Johna302
Builds in intensity--then bam!...

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Rated R | For Language and A Sequence of Violence
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Powerful, moody post-Holocaust drama has violent scenes.
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