“RELIGULOUS” = RELIGION + INCREDULOUS = Bill Maher’s positions in Documentary

By jimchudnow
Written September 30, 2008
[Per an advance preview:] If you believe the world is only the way it’s depicted in the Bible, you'll likely HATE this movie-- since it follows a general Khodranite position of, The Bible was compiled over time by "COMMITTEES". Maher was raised as a Catholic, & since has become skeptical of most of the precepts he was taught. He visits various places in the world to interview a variety of people about their religion, & works to show (with thought-provoking humor) how many of the beliefs thru the ages have been based on superstitions, clearly INACCURATE after-the-fact claims, & on OTHER beliefs (citing how various cultures had WRITTEN reports many hundreds of years BEFORE Christianity of well-known characters who were resurrected [such as Egypt’s Horus], who were born on Dec. 25th, who walked on water, etc. He’s an equal-opportunity debunker of ideas and statements re MANY religions & beliefs. If you can keep a really open mind, you’ll likely appreciate what he’s done here.
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By Bench341
Written August 02, 2008
I went to the premiere at the Traverse City Film Festival and it was an excellent movie. It is very thought provoking and insightful on religion. I am not a very religious person to begin with but I don’t tolerate people being destructive towards Christianity (I was confirmed as a Methodist). The movie from my perspective was not so much harmful to religion (some of you may not think as I do now) as it was just presenting the views of becoming fundamental and how that is harmful. That is all I am going to say. This was my first premiere and I do not want to talk about the content. I recommend everyone go and watch this movie when it is available in your area. It will make many people upset but if you can understand the point the movie is making you might understand what it is trying to get across. I enjoyed this movie and I wish I could watch it again before Oct 3. I would recommend this movie to everyone.
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Hilarious and not at all condescending

By Epik151
Written October 03, 2008
Bill Maher can be mean at times on his show Real Time with Bill Maher but in this movie he simply asks questions and let's the ridiculous answers provide the humor. The movie is very funny and worth watching regardless of who your imaginary friend is.
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By joeyb1130
Written October 13, 2008
God is man made and not vice verse. I can only agree with all of the movie. One could have done more of this topic. Its OK for "beginners".
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A funny movie - why are so many overreacting

By Dirtier Harry
Written October 02, 2008
Congratulations Bill Maher. A thoroughly enjoyable insight into the illogical and irrational world of religion. For those campaigning against this film (how sad that so many people feel the need to logon and register an Oh No rating just to drag the overall rating down), have you made any attempt to listen? I suspect that deep down you are in total agreement but that you have been poisoned from birth to simply not accept anyone challenging some of the more ridiculous aspects of religion. Why should it be that the rest of the world simply has to roll over and listen to whatever dogma pours out from the main religious groups? You don't see crowds of atheists burning flags outside churches, mosques or synagogues shouting 'death to religion'. All this film is trying to do is ask some very pertinent questions and challenge that which we have simply been told to accept on 'blind faith'. If you can accept this, you may just find this movie funny...
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