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A documentary about world religion, starring political humorist and author Bill Maher.
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“RELIGULOUS” = RELIGION + INCREDULOUS = Bill Maher’s positions in Documentary

By jimchudnow
[Per an advance preview:] If you believe the world is only the way it’s depicted in the Bible, you'll likely HATE this movie-- since it follows a general Khodranite position of, The Bible was compiled...


By Bench341
I went to the premiere at the Traverse City Film Festival and it was an excellent movie. It is very thought provoking and insightful on religion. I am not a very religious person to begin with but I...

Hilarious and not at all condescending

By Epik151
Bill Maher can be mean at times on his show Real Time with Bill Maher but in this movie he simply asks questions and let's the ridiculous answers provide the humor. The movie is very funny and worth...


By joeyb1130
God is man made and not vice verse. I can only agree with all of the movie. One could have done more of this topic. Its OK for "beginners"....

A funny movie - why are so many overreacting

By Dirtier Harry
Congratulations Bill Maher. A thoroughly enjoyable insight into the illogical and irrational world of religion. For those campaigning against this film (how sad that so many people feel the need to...

Wake up to the Reality

By freshvite
its about time....


By vedderx
Everyone should see this movie, but unfortunately those who should won't ever see it....

Can't wait for this movie

By Randyscousegit
I've been waiting for this movie since I first heard Bill speak about it. I love Bill and his no-nonsense approach to things - he speaks the truth! Or at least I usually see eye to eye with him. I'll...

This is a thinking film.

By xMichix
There was a free screening offered at one of the theaters in Indianapolis and my mom got tickets, so I saw it on Tuesday. It was amazing. I highly recommend that everyone see it, no matter what...

People that use the term "almighty god" in thier reviews are CREEEEEEPY!!

By randypagan
I'm disgusted that this movie is playing in so little theaters and that even fandango seems to be hiding it. This movie is terrifying because its true. The majority of the people running this country...

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Rated R | For some language and sexual material
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Common Sense Media says Provocative comedy/documentary examines faith.
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