heart-wrenching and real.

By rosettamarie
Written March 09, 2008
There are countless movies that portray the struggle of facing one's own past, of bottling up emotions, and of searching for an authentic relationship with another person. Reign Over Me, however, stands out from the crowd in its achievements in storyline and acting. This is not a 9/11 piece, but rather a beautiful story about friendship, relationships, and the necessity of communication. As the film began, I found myself trying to analyze the lives of the characters, but as the movie progressed, it became so much more than the darkness in them. The film is more about what they come to find within themselves and how they grow to interact with others. Not to mention that Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle are fantastic actors... Sandler especially shines in a role filled with raw emotion and internal struggle. It's amazing how Mike Binder enables us to see and understand the characters on the levels at which they themselves attempt to be understood. A must-see, touching film.
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A Truly Great Film

By jsttsl
Written February 26, 2008
I was blown away by Adam Sandler in this movie. He's amazing! Don Cheadle is amazing! This movie really took me away and I fell right into the story line. One of my easily top 20 movies of all time! If you have not seen this movie, you HAVE TO RENT IT!! In fact, just go buy it because I know you'll love it. It's one of the movies that completely sucks you in and you can't help but cheer at the end! Do I dare say it..........yes he deserves it! An Oscar performance by the multitalented Adam Sandler.
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Get past it...

By Millerfam2001
Written September 13, 2008
...you know, Adam Sandler in an unexpected role, he does a fantastic job in this movie. I watched it expecting it to be laborious and boring, but was enthralled by the ease in which he portrayed the role. Absolutely a movie for anyone looking for a tug on the heart strings. Sat up after watching it and had to say out loud, "that was a great movie."
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Forget it's an Adam Sandler Movie.

By EmoryJ
Written April 16, 2007
The toughest thing about going to see an Adam Sandler movie is getting over the expectation stereotype for what you're likely to see him doing in the film. There have been glimpses of his dramatic abilities to date, but most of what we've seen is "Opera Guy" wearing different costumes. If you're looking for that guy, don't waste your money. But, if you're looking for a smart and beautiful film with great acting, cinematography and dialogue......grab a smart and deep date and make haste to catch this film while it's still on the big screen. In Reign Over Me, while A.S. does get a chance to "act out" from time to time, and there are a few "Sandlerisms", they're all - for the first time - within the construct of a multi-dimensional character whose situation and surroundings call for them - without having them define the scope of his work in the film or the reason why he was cast. EmJ
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Great acting!

By heathergray
Written May 10, 2007
Not the typical Adam SAndler Movie, but GREAT acting on all parts!
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