Reign Over Me Synopsis
A man who lost his family on Sept. 11 rekindles a friendship with his college roommate.
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heart-wrenching and real.

By rosettamarie
There are countless movies that portray the struggle of facing one's own past, of bottling up emotions, and of searching for an authentic relationship with another person. Reign Over Me, however,...

A Truly Great Film

By jsttsl
I was blown away by Adam Sandler in this movie. He's amazing! Don Cheadle is amazing! This movie really took me away and I fell right into the story line. One of my easily top 20 movies of all time!...

Get past it...

By Millerfam2001 know, Adam Sandler in an unexpected role, he does a fantastic job in this movie. I watched it expecting it to be laborious and boring, but was enthralled by the ease in which he portrayed the...

Forget it's an Adam Sandler Movie.

By EmoryJ
The toughest thing about going to see an Adam Sandler movie is getting over the expectation stereotype for what you're likely to see him doing in the film. There have been glimpses of his dramatic...

Great acting!

By heathergray
Not the typical Adam SAndler Movie, but GREAT acting on all parts!...

Reign Over Me Reigns Tall.

By Moviedude
Reign Over Me is a pleasant surprise of a movie that,I hope more people will see when it comes out on DVD,if they missed it in the theatres.The movie has great acting by Don Cheadle,and especially...

not a good movie

By mattz
i didnt think this was one of adam sandlers best movies....

Laugh, cry, scratch your head...

By Baldgreybeard
A solid film with good performances. Sandler shows he can be more than Billy Madison and Big Daddy; and when will Don Cheadle get his props for being one of the best actors of the current crop? ...

Great Movie!!

By jenilee94
This movie was very good. Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle were fanstastic. This move had me laughing and crying. It was very moving....

I Bought the DVD

By blumusdu
Don Cheadle is one of my favorite actors. I'm an old Adam Sandler fan as well. I fast forwarded through many parts. It was a very slow movie. Adam Sandler and Liv Tyler were nice too look at. The...

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Rated R | For language and some sexual references
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Common Sense Media says Grief-stricken Adam Sandler deals with 9/11.
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