A beautiful Movie, well-done with eye-candy to boot

By Amipola
Written August 31, 2014
I'll be blunt, I'm hard to please as a movie-goer. I'm a Librarian, so I get to see just about every movie that comes out (eventually) and I do viewer advisory ALL THE TIME. This is a really good movie because it has brains, beauty and heart. The DP did a good job, and it is visually beautiful from the first frame. The acting is engrossing. There is so much good to list here, young, old, sexy, jeez... The screenplay moves along with perfect pacing. See this movie with your girlfriends, see it with your boyfriend. Added unexpected bonus: if you happen to be a product of the foster care system, know that although it's not exactly "correct", they got so much "right" that somehow the magic is lingering. I don't want to drop any spoilers. TaTa, RadicalLibrarian
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Red Wing Soars

By wagnerdee
Written August 31, 2014
I was delightfully entertained by the movie Red Wing. It was an excellent movie for an afternoon with a BFF to just relax, and enjoy. The acting was spot on, and the story line was a delightful tale of love crossing boundaries over time to complete two people's lives. The scenery and location helped make the story completely authentic. The make-up, hair and wardrobe were excellently crafted, fitting to the period, and to the aging of several of the characters. Spot cameo's of towns folk, beauty clients, and business personnel were acted superbly by ingenues and sage actors alike. A must see movie for a "feel good-take me away" afternoon of relaxing entertainment.
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No love for this love movie

By r7b129
Written August 31, 2014
Director Will Wallace needs to learn how to draw emotion from his actors. It seems the drunken lout husband and his mean mother drew the well dry for everyone else. And this from a movie that touts "love will find a way." The uninspiring script kills off everyone who creates conflict (either through a health issue or accident, nothing nefarious). As a result viewers were left just waiting for the obvious conclusion so we could vacate our seats and go home. Ho hum. It's rumored that the role of Maddie was written for Cate Blanchett but she bowed out due to Lord of the Rings commitments. I think it was more likely she decided against the cardboard cut-out role who actually should have been named Mattie, as in doormat. It's sad to see women still portrayed in such stereotypical fashion. B**** or Angel, not much in the middle for any of the main or supporting cast. I like to support new talent (on and off screen) but PLEASE let them work with something more substantial!
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