Red Wing Synopsis
“Red Wing” follows the troubled journey of an orphan boy into manhood. Despite all odds, when confronted with the ill-will of others, he maintains honor and integrity.
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A beautiful Movie, well-done with eye-candy to boot

By Amipola
I'll be blunt, I'm hard to please as a movie-goer. I'm a Librarian, so I get to see just about every movie that comes out (eventually) and I do viewer advisory ALL THE TIME. This is a really good...

Red Wing Soars

By wagnerdee
I was delightfully entertained by the movie Red Wing. It was an excellent movie for an afternoon with a BFF to just relax, and enjoy. The acting was spot on, and the story line was a delightful...

No love for this love movie

By r7b129
Director Will Wallace needs to learn how to draw emotion from his actors. It seems the drunken lout husband and his mean mother drew the well dry for everyone else. And this from a movie that touts...

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Rated PG-13 | For A Scene of Sensuality and Suggestive Images