By neecee
Written January 23, 2012
This movie focused on their service in Italy not so much on their beginnings. Being fasinated with the Tuskegee Airman, I already know most of their service records. This movie showed their tenacity and courage up close. I loved the flying scenes, especially. Well done movie!!
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By johnandpeg
Written January 21, 2012
"Awesome" that's how my wife described it ... One of the best action films of the year !!! You knew it was going to be great visual effects when the "Star Wars" people made it... If you are an action junky (like most of my friends are) Forget what the Hollywood critics say and go have a great afternoon at the movies...
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Best Movie ever

By gale_movie
Written January 25, 2012
Red Tail was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It was a piece of history that needed to be told on the big screen. The Actors were cast perfectly for the roles they played. I will tell everyone I know, to go to the movie, not wait until it comes out on video to see.
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good movie but

By oldsaltydog
Written January 30, 2012
This could have been a great movie if a little more effort had been put into the casting, for example if someone else could have played the role that Cuba gooding played would have helped a lot. He did not have the presence on screen to be in charged of a group of young pilots when he looks twenty minutes older the rest of the group. The aerial battles were great and with any good combat movie not all the good guys make it back in one piece. This movie seems to pick up were the Tuskegee Airman left off it there was to be a part two to that movie this would be it although there was some over lap in the historical fact . Still a pretty good movie
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Red Tails Takes a Dive

By moviesaremylife
Written January 22, 2012
Sure, I love to watch some of the best black actors today suffer through mediocre dialogue, inadequate directing, pointless plots and cheesy, garrulous, dated music scores. This is an insult to every movie-goer in America (no one outside of America would view this crap) and especially to African Americans who were lured to the movie by George Lucas’s ridiculous marketing ploy: Let’s show Hollywood that black people would pay to see a movie like this. I hate to say it, but that ploy worked on me. Why? Because like every other black person who suffered through this movie tonight, I hunger to see us on the big screen in significant roles. Unfortunately, Hollywood can’t figure out what to do with us on the screen if we’re not Denzel Washington or Thandie Newton. I don’t want to ruin the movie for future sucker attendees so I’ll end my review with the words of Red Tails character Deacon: My head…it hurts.
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