RED ROAD = Cooly Detached Thriller

By lugubriousthespian
Written June 11, 2009
This gritty psychological character study out of Scotland is a subversive look into the mind of a person who becomes obsessed with looking for answers for a tragic past incident in all the wrong places. Kate DIckie plays a woman security officer who works in a seedy section of North Glasgow, monitoring all illicit activities via short circuit television cameras. When she happens upon the man responsible for her husband and young daughter's death, she slowly infiltrates his world of depravity and through calculated risks begins to set him up for another crimes to put him away again for good. Tense, meticulously paced thriller of quiet effects. If not a native to Scotland I would highly suggest seeing it with sub-titles as brogue at many instances is very intelligible. Overall - impressive feature debut by acclaimed Indie director Andrea Arnold...
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