i liked it but it dident play in theaters that long

By mas1195
Written December 03, 2007
when i went to see this it wasent to crowded but there were pepole in there it only played for two weeks at my theater the cars in this movie were cool there was alot of acton and car chases in this i recomened this film rated pg13 for strong car crashes violence and languege
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As Bad A Biker Boys ... Wait For The DVD

By M3This
Written April 20, 2007
All I can say is I was excited to go see this movie. Im a huge car guy and love car related movies. Im a big fan of the Fast & The Furious series even though they are cheezy and love Gone in 60 Sec. IF your hoping that this movie will even be remotly close to any of those you will be disapointed. The guys over at Edmunds.com's Inside Line reviewed this movie perfectly. The actors are awful, the polt is even worst, and event the titles at the begining of the movie make you realize how low budget the film is. If you have ever seen the movie Biker Boys this is as bad if not worst and makes the movie Torque look like a oscar winner.
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Good Racing Flick

By MovieMan2823
Written April 19, 2007
Red Line was definitely a good movie and was better then i thought it would be. It had a so-so storyline that was backed up by a good cast that fit the people they played well and had many nice racing scenes. The movie seemed like it had some length to it but wasn’t that long. You should definitely see this movie but you could wait till it comes out on DVD.
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Blown gasket

By RenoMovieStarr
Written April 24, 2007
I love car movies, can't think of one I didn't like at least something. This was sooo bad. This movie was worth wasting the $20 to walk out on. Terrible story, terrible acting, terrible action scenes, terrible driving skills, terrible editing, terrible special effects. I knew I was in trouble when I walked into the theater and we were the only people there. Should have left it empty so the poor projector didn't have to run it through it again. Probably ruined the poor thing.
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Worst. Movie. Ever.

By raparks
Written April 23, 2007
Even with the cars and one hot girl, this movie was the worst movie I've EVER seen.
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