Red Hook Summer

By vincehny
Written August 15, 2012
I have to agree with another reviewer that has already posted. This movie is not Spike's best. This movie is apparently supposed to be viewed through the young boy's eyes. However, the young kids acting performances in this movie is not that great. While the kids tried their best to portray emotions it was clearly a lackluster performance on both of their part. The grandfather's performance was quite good but something didn't make sense. At the beginning of the movie, it is clear that the daughter doesn't want to be around the father. Later you find out why and once you learn the reason, you have to ask, why on earth would you leave your son with him?
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I was Blinded sided by Red Hook.

By merkmurphy
Written August 25, 2012
the acting was very natural and human like. every character seemed as close to the real thing as they possibly could. tho i felt as if i was actually in church for lengthy parts of the film, it was the perfect set up for the eruption that lied ahead.. a must see.
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This is an amazing movie

By clinix1
Written August 12, 2012
Red Hook Summer is a spectacular story. This is a very emotional movie where you treasure friendship, importance of family, and how incredible young people are. You love these characters, they are going through things, and you just want to give them a hug. It is a joyful movie, but serious things are in thier world. I just loved the movie!
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Great Job Spike!

By iwatchmovies22
Written August 26, 2012
Great Movie! this story needs to be told! Great work from the direction to the cast!
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Red Hook Summer

Written August 28, 2012
Loved it! As a Spike Lee fan, I like the story he told here and his imagery and use of music. As always, Spike uses those4 elements to move his stories in a certain way. This film did NOT disappoint.
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