By adam.finley1
Written November 27, 2015
Being a former service member I was very impressed by the technical aspect of this movie. I also believe they protrayed the scenerio of an ivasion, the current events included in the movie, and resistance that might be encountered by an enemy were very acurate. I must say the action in the movie was very realistic, the acting not so bad, and they stayed pretty true to the original movie. Over all it was a great movie! I haven't been to a movie in a theatre for at least four years and I went and saw the midnight showing. Great over all movie!
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Red Dawn

By shithose2000-running
Written May 26, 2015
Lots of fairly believeable action. Not a cinematic masterpiece, but quite entertaining.Also it is sobering in that if forces one to face the fact that our way of life actually rests on rather fragile underpinnings, and cannot be taken for granted. It doesn't surprise me that the critics don't like the movie; they disapprove of anything violent, or what they perceive as mindless patriotism. They tend to be generally "progressive".
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OH NO MR BILL, don't waste your mony or time

By ddd34690
Written November 27, 2014
North Korea (smaller than Florida and total population about 125% that of Florida) invades and wipes out the entire US military in one day. Local teens are the only ones left to defend the entire civilized world with deer rifles and shot guns. Not much dialogue, poor acting but lots of bangs and booms. The screens writers must have been really bombed, LOL.
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Pull out that can of whoop-ah!!

By nusoultheory
Written July 28, 2015
This movie made me proud to be an American! I clapped, I stomped, I yelled at the screen and it even pulled my hearstrings! A great date night movie to get that adrenaline going for some rough, dirty you-know-what afterwards!
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By karisamara27
Written July 29, 2015
This movie was a well done action movie complete with a brilliant plot twist that I didn't see coming.The acting was great and Josh Peck did a suprisingly well job in this movie compared to his background in Drake and Josh. It was great to see him grow up. During this movie I found myself laughing out loud and tearing up all in the same scene. This movie sends a message of hope, inspiration and togetherness that Americans will always have and I think that this was DEFINATELY worth the money to go see it. BRILLIANT job. GO SEE IT..
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