Well done, but it ended too soon!

By JonathanOfAwesometon
Written April 30, 2017
As far as remakes go, not too great. They changed a lot of story elements from the original. HOWEVER, they did very good adapting the America Invaded scenario to modern times and showed us a completely plausible way it could happen. I loved how they showed the strategy and thinking behind the action scenes. The acting was good, but nothing special. Josh Peck, Chris Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson held their own just fine. They're great actors but I feel they were extremely limited with the editing and direction of this film. Honestly I felt the entire film was limited by pushing it to a pg13 audience. Way too mature of matters to simply dumb down for a targeted audience. This felt more like the game Homefront than Red Dawn. But at the end of the day, it was good for it was. Though it did leave me wanting more (the ending came way to quick for my taste. It should have been longer and easily could have been.) But hey, the action is solid and the movie will keep your attention. It's good.
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Was a surprise

By Hawke
Written December 08, 2016
We saw the original Red Dawn and thought this would be worth the time. I read a review before going which didn't give a lot of praise. Since we already paid for the tickets, we obviously went and were pleasantly surprised. Due to this being made in contemporary times the show was much more realistic. This is a GO.
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Not too bad, but...

By felix88
Written March 23, 2017
It's hard to imgine the North Koreans pushing such a large and complex operation. Overall I still am a big fan of the origianl Red Dawn! Opps! Did I just date myself!
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Timely remake

By jamato
Written March 25, 2017
Took the whole family and everyone enjoyed the movie. Realized the only thing keeping our enemies from attacking our shores is the hundreds of millions of guns owned by our civilian/militia. I could see why the critics hated it, they are all liberals who hate guns. Semper Fi.
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Not as good as the original

By tom02825
Written April 29, 2017
Good movie with updated special effects, but nowhere near as good as the original. The ending left you hanging, kind of like it's being transitioned to a TV series. Not disappointed but not in a hurry to see it again. Have seen the original a dozen times.
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