Ninety minutes I won't get back

By lennyo
Written November 25, 2012
To paraphrase Forrest Whittaker from Good Morning, Vietnam: This movie sucks the sweat from a dea man's b***s. Terrible acting & terrible dialogue. The only two good things about this movie are 1) it is not longer and 2) the ending credits (that means your trip through the 7 levels is over). I saw the original in the movies and while it was campy, it worked. There was absolutely nothing compelling about any of the characters and I was actually rooting for the Koreans just so the movie would end sooner! The whole "pining over my girlfriend who is more family than my brother" was lame and tired. Being a former Marine, I was embarassed by their portrayal (more like betrayal), especially the motard that made me cringe every time the camera was on him. The fact that there were a total of 10 people in the theater in Manhattan on a Saturday night should have been a red flag. This was not a movie but a desecration of a movie that meant something way back when.
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Red Dawn

By RobertGordonOrr
Written December 02, 2012
The movie was ok, action scenes decent but there were lots of times I found myself saying, "really, ow did they get there or do that?" Also, the ending SUCKED!
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Did not suck!

By jbextreme
Written November 24, 2012
Red Dawn did NOT suck. They kept the spirit of the original and modernized it. It's still not better than the original but it came close and I liked it a lot even with the changes they made, there are little things from the original that you'll see. Oh, get this kiddies, it's WAY OPEN for a sequel. I think they want to do that so we can see what happens after the conclusion of the original. BTW, "The chair is against the wall"
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Better than the original

By tam777
Written December 12, 2012
Yes you read that right, this is better than the original. I saw the original when it first came out and liked the movie very much. At the time the critics said the same things that all the critical comments are saying about this version. Some of the critical comments about the original were; "Why would the "Cubans" attack Michigan." "Too much unbelievable action." "Needs more story." "Needs to develop the characters more." Yes, all the same things they were saying about the original they are saying about this version. That was one of the first good (not great) action films made. Now we have action films coming out the wazoo and people want to hold this one to some kind of higher standard because it is a remake. Tell me what part of a Resident Evil movie is believable. What part of a Bond movie is believable. What part of a Die Hard movie is believable. None of these action movies are believable. If you like action movies this is a good one with a good story. Worth the money to see.
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Red Dawn

By allen1364
Written November 24, 2012
Loved it, but of course I am a conservative patriot.....recommend that every one should go and learn what this country is all about before we have a real Red Dawn.
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