Pretty good show

By LinkinPark78
Written July 03, 2015
I enjoyed this movie, but it's not for kids though, and I can't compare it to the original because I've never seen the original. The action was good, and Josh Hutcherson gave the best, funniest performance. A definite recommend.
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War Action

By montalvo5858
Written September 04, 2015
It's a must see movie that can actually happen in real life, never know. Life are full of surprises! Very good movie, the old red dawn 84' and this one!
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By 1exachog
Written September 05, 2015
My 18 y/o son and I REALLY liked this movie. As both of us are huge fans of the original, (I saw it in the theaters) we went in with mixed emotions. Boy were we pleased! They did a great job of paying respect to the old while clearly making a new movie. Good acting, direction and cinematography that kept you at seats edge and a plot that was MUCH better than we expected and plenty of action. The two actors cast to play the brothers (Jed and Matty Eckert) were very likeable and interesting. The three "new additions" to join the wolverines group later in the movie were a GREAT touch! Exciting and realistic gun play rounded out what every fan of this type of movie wants to see. There is ZERO DOUBT that we will be buying this when it comes out on DVD. serious Red Dawn fans, we just might go see it again in the thearers just for the memories!
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Good movie, could've been a LOT better!

Written July 05, 2015
This movie would've been great except for the fact that Josh Peck is the main character. They could've done so much better. I was a little disappointed.
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Great movie! WOLVERINES.

By miranda.cupkake
Written February 12, 2016
I actually thought it was a good movie. it does kinda apply more to the "younger" veiwers, (like me..) but my dad is in his late thritys and says the same thing. there is some language, but its a really good action movie to go and watch, my little brother didn't have any problems, and he is about 10.
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