Proud to be an American

By Reel Reviewer
Written December 17, 2012
While I don't think that anyone is expecting too much from this remake, you shouldn't been disappointed with it when it's over either.As far as have the meat and potatoes to a decent action movie, it has it - along with a nice patriotic punch that few movies seem to carry these days. You have your straight-up action, which is good and not too cheesy; you have your hot chicks, with Adrianne Palicki being overlooked terribly too often in this arena; and you have your poor excuse for character development. Here's where Red Dawn actually has the advantage that many recent action films have completely looked over: patriotism. This movie has a real-life, common enemy in North Korea. There's no ambiguity like Hollywood enjoys so much to do these days, trying to make good guys seem bad or vice versa. There is a clear-cut team of good guys and bad guys and it's awesome. I may never go out of my way to watch this film again, but I can guarantee that I'll sit through it years from now on TV.
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War Action

By montalvo5858
Written November 25, 2012
It's a must see movie that can actually happen in real life, never know. Life are full of surprises! Very good movie, the old red dawn 84' and this one!
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By billokelly
Written November 30, 2012
I loved the original and looked forward to seeing this movie but it simply was not as good. On it's own merrit I found the movie to be illogical, and overly simplistic and could never get "into" it. The director didn't fully develop the story line and spent too much time on relationships betwee characters which diluted the plot. I don't believe people committed to gorilla warfare, living in the forrest trying to survive could focus on anything else, like personal relationships and playing practical jokes on each other. I never felt the characters were focused on their stated objective.
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Had potential

By joshus_maximus
Written November 26, 2012
For starters Chris Hemsworth - Jed Eckert, was the only decent actor in this entire movie, Josh Peck - Matt Eckert was so obnoxious and the character development of Matt Eckert was so terrible that every time I had to sit through his teenage angst, high school lover, throw his friends under the bus, garbage acting I got overly enraged and wanted to walk out. Far cry from Charlie Sheen. Another part greatly disliked by me, was the many rediculous plot holes. "We know where they are, so lets carpet bomb them while they are under ground and not even surround the place so that 90% of them can escape". "Oh, lets place a tracker on one of them, then attack only one of them in the building, let all the others escape, then not follow them with air support so that they have enough time to realize the tracker was placed and leave the tracked man behind" " I was a marine, that means that I have special forces knowledge on Russia and can tell by what cover they are wearing that they are spetznaz"
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let a real marine down

By mpena1705453
Written November 24, 2012
This movie was a joke .Dont waste your time . Its a let down compared to the original. Dont take you kids and the acting was bad
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