Was a surprise

By Hawke
Written November 25, 2012
We saw the original Red Dawn and thought this would be worth the time. I read a review before going which didn't give a lot of praise. Since we already paid for the tickets, we obviously went and were pleasantly surprised. Due to this being made in contemporary times the show was much more realistic. This is a GO.
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Not as good as the original

By tom02825
Written November 29, 2012
Good movie with updated special effects, but nowhere near as good as the original. The ending left you hanging, kind of like it's being transitioned to a TV series. Not disappointed but not in a hurry to see it again. Have seen the original a dozen times.
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Great Movie

By SeanHayden89
Written November 22, 2012
It was a great movie overall. It was a little shorter than what I like for a movie but that lead to no boring parts at all. It was inspirational with a great story and great actors. Very action-packed with a twist that i didn't see coming at all. Great movie that'd I'd see again and recommend to everyone.
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A Seized Opportunity

By SeeBetterfromaDistance
Written December 14, 2012
This movie is truly one of the best films this year. The acting is quite impressive for action movie about teens fighting for their country. I cried more than once, and chances are your heart will break too. There is an appropriate amount of comic relief thrown in, but it doesn't feel forced in any way. It works. The shaky camera technique is used during many action scenes, adding a sense of chaos which fits perfectly to the film. Dialogue is well thought out, and wonderfully delivered, never feeling out of character or forced. The verdict: If you are an action movie fan, you'll absolutely love it. If you're not an action movie person, you will be completely satisfied. A wonderfully done film that will leave you wanting more.
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By Movie_Buff_86
Written December 31, 2012
Now let me say, this is not the original but it still was good. If you want to see a movie with lots of actions, and things getting blown up, then this is the move you want to check out. I enjoyed the flick, and i can't wait to see what is in store down the road. Instead of the Russians attacking us, we have the North Koreans who are trying to take over our country. A band of kids will do everything in their power to stop this from happening. Are you a leader or a follower?? Join the Wolverines on this journey and see where it leads them. Great movie for action junkies, and not for the faint of heart. Too much going on for children. Go check it out.
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