By dena1022
Written December 02, 2012
So I enjoyed the movie and it was nice that they did change up the story line. I guess I dont want to see the same movie updated. So that was great, But the acting with some was just so-so. They could have done better picking out people to portray the characters.
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A So-So recommendation is generous

By NYPerson1
Written November 22, 2012
This movie is, at best, okay. Mildly entertaining. The characters have no personalities, and the actors are dull. The action mostly seems to take place on the same block, every single time. Loved the original Red Dawn; this is a bland imitation. The war makes even less sense than the one in the original did--which is hard to do.
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By jasonowen75
Written November 22, 2012
I waited FOUR YEARS for this movie and it did NOT dissapoint!!! It was not asviolent as the original but it was more than just a resistance to occupation from an invading army than the first. It had a 'secret mission' imbedded in it that made it better than the first. The ending was not as bleak as the first either which was a welcomed change. The acting was appropriate because they were gawky teenagers and they acted as such. How would teenagers fight in a situation like this? GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!! I hope they make a trilogy out of it becasue it is certainly worthy of it!!!!
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Red Dawn

By joanwga
Written August 02, 2014
This version was much better than the first. It was well written. Even though I'd seen the first version and knew the story and characters, there was still suspense. This version connected on a more emotional level than the first. The acting was much better than the first. I hadn't planned on going to see it at the theater, but I'm glad I did. It's worth it, even if you saw the first one. I think this may the first remake that I actually like better than the first.
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Red Dawn

By TMSwayne
Written November 23, 2012
I really liked it; big fan of the original. Although I thought it was really good, I thought it was a bit rushed. The original allowed you to get to know the characters better. This one was just action packed with a bit of an unrealistic viewing. I'd see it again though.
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