Red Dawn Synopsis
Young guerrillas fight back when foreign troops invade U.S. soil.
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another jiggle-fest

By examatrix
Oh fer Gawd sake. Somebody buy the director of photography a steady cam already. I don't understand why these guys think they are building excitement by rocking and rolling the camera all over. This...

Not Worthy of The Original's Title...Basically One Step Up From a TV Movie.

By Al P
Lots of potential in this cast but it was thoroughly wasted on a BAD screenplay adaptation of one of the best action scenarios of the 1980s. The testament to this truth is about as far away as...


By ODBPete
I am a huge fan of the original so I was very skeptical about this new version, in my mind I knew there were going to screw it up.. After seeing it last night I have to say honestly,, it was better...

Was a surprise

By Hawke
We saw the original Red Dawn and thought this would be worth the time. I read a review before going which didn't give a lot of praise. Since we already paid for the tickets, we obviously went and...

Not as good as the original

By tom02825
Good movie with updated special effects, but nowhere near as good as the original. The ending left you hanging, kind of like it's being transitioned to a TV series. Not disappointed but not in a...

Not too bad, but...

By felix88
It's hard to imgine the North Koreans pushing such a large and complex operation. Overall I still am a big fan of the origianl Red Dawn! Opps! Did I just date myself!...

Timely remake

By jamato
Took the whole family and everyone enjoyed the movie. Realized the only thing keeping our enemies from attacking our shores is the hundreds of millions of guns owned by our civilian/militia. I...

Great Movie

By SeanHayden89
It was a great movie overall. It was a little shorter than what I like for a movie but that lead to no boring parts at all. It was inspirational with a great story and great actors. Very...


By Movie_Buff_86
Now let me say, this is not the original but it still was good. If you want to see a movie with lots of actions, and things getting blown up, then this is the move you want to check out. I enjoyed...

It was actually a good movie

By ssgt_nelson_jarrod
So I wasn't expecting much when I went to see the remake of Red Dawn... but I was pleasantly surprised. While the threat of a North Korean invasion seemed a bit out there the action scenes and...

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Rated PG-13 | For Moderate Violence
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Common Sense Media says Controversial, bloody 1980s WWIII film with teen heroes.
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