wtf? Whats up with all the low scores?

By fearlubu
Written November 02, 2009
All of them must be a bunch of haters. This movie is amongst the best asian movies last year This movie is about the battle of Red Cliff (Chi Bi) about the Records of the Three Kingdoms (NOT the book you pathetic haters), which are the documents of ancient China. Anyways, it isnt pathetic like the other recent ROTK movie adaption failure (Ressurection of The Dragon). This battle is so epic that it even requires two movies to cover it, this being the first. Ohh and 2 quick facts: Red Cliff is the most expensive Asian-financed film to date and the first part of the film grossed US$124 million in Asia and broke the box office record previously held by Titanic in mainland China (which is still a feat). This movie is really REALLY good! it has everything...I really suck at explaining stuff lol...but i will say this is a legendary movie, if not near legenday..... i guess ill say that war isnt just all about physical power...but mental as well.
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By kanevo22
Written October 24, 2009
If you have ever played Dinasty Warriors or Romance of the three kingdoms and you love those games, then you must see this movie. I read the chinese novel (Romance of the three kingdoms) it was awesome, I saw this movie, also awesome. You don't understand, you have to go see this movie! There's even a Red Cliff 2.... I hope they make a 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.... Zhuge Liang's the best! Even even if you did not play the game or read the novel, this movie is a must see!
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A prelude to an epic battle

By Spartacus2000
Written May 09, 2011
Based on the Battle of Chibi this is also the most expensive film to come out of Asia. A really large screen is needed to do it justice. Outstanding sets, costumes and acting make it worth your time to watch and enjoy an epic story with huge lavish battle scenes. Because the actual battle took place around 208 AD its hard to say how much is fictional and how much is factual. But in any case it’s a wonderful film telling a great uncommon story in this part of the world. Ignore the low scores probably due to haters as this is probably best film out of Asia for 2009.
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Red Cliff review

By Broken_Wings
Written October 03, 2011
If I were to never wake up tomorrow, I'd be satisfied with this being the last movie I watched. Yes, it's THAT great. Absolutely breathtaking. Literally! At times I had to consciously remind myself to breathe. Captivating. Engaging. Sitting-on-the-edge-of-my-seat-ing. Definitely moving.
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muvie buff

By seemovieseveryweekend
Written November 27, 2009
This movie is exciting and intelligent. Built the characters well. I was wow'ed by the war strategies used. It is based on China's great history and is a must see for all!
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