Red Cliff Synopsis
A massive war is waged between three kingdoms in China culminating in the battle of Red Cliff.
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wtf? Whats up with all the low scores?

By fearlubu
All of them must be a bunch of haters. This movie is amongst the best asian movies last year This movie is about the battle of Red Cliff (Chi Bi) about the Records of the Three Kingdoms (NOT the...


By kanevo22
If you have ever played Dinasty Warriors or Romance of the three kingdoms and you love those games, then you must see this movie. I read the chinese novel (Romance of the three kingdoms) it was...

A prelude to an epic battle

By Spartacus2000
Based on the Battle of Chibi this is also the most expensive film to come out of Asia. A really large screen is needed to do it justice. Outstanding sets, costumes and acting make it worth your time...

Red Cliff review

By Broken_Wings
If I were to never wake up tomorrow, I'd be satisfied with this being the last movie I watched. Yes, it's THAT great. Absolutely breathtaking. Literally! At times I had to consciously remind myself...


By filmweasle
In the same vein as "Last Samurai, Troy, and Braveheart... this movie provides drama, romance, action, strategy, and great special effects, to tell the story of one of the major turning points in...

you chinese haters!!

By krusnik
people, please show some self-love and dont see New Moon. I know that most of you will go see that instead of Red Cliff. Understand that this movie is a great pick with enough war scenes to make you...

Five Word Review

By petitecherie
Visually striking action packed war...

muvie buff

By seemovieseveryweekend
This movie is exciting and intelligent. Built the characters well. I was wow'ed by the war strategies used. It is based on China's great history and is a must see for all!...

Red Cliff

By carcaan
John Woo expertly captured another masterpiece in Red Cliff. The "OLD Fox" was totally outfoxed at every move. The cinematography was excellent as the up close scenes earnestly depict. The "big...

Five Word Review

By Leo10021
Emperor's Rivals Join Battles Greaaat!...

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Rated R | For Sequences of Epic Warfare
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Common Sense Media says Masterful Chinese battle epic is violent but fine for teens.
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