Not a fight film

By count
Written April 21, 2008
David Mamet's latest film came from his experience training at his Brazilian jujitsu dojo. It is not really a fight story but a story about honor and of course in typical Mamet fashion strongly anti-Hollywood. Great unpredictable plot and even though I was expecting it, still me cringing at the snakes and vipers in the film. Dialog choppy and editing a bit uneven but great story and well worth the $10.
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stupid people like stupid movies

By bigovidio
Written May 15, 2008
this move was horrible. the story was not written well, the actors sucked but the main actor. the story was dumb. then ending is dumb. i cant believe hollywood would play this movie in theaters. Hollywood passes up on alot of great stories, and because people got money they get to put there pease of $hit movies in theaters. Dumb movie, Dumb director.
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This movie was great, up until the last minute.

By I see every movie out
Written May 23, 2008
Man, SOOOOOO DISAPOINTING!!!!!! It was great, but it has to be the absolute WORST ENDING in movie history. It also didnt help that Tim Allen was in it. Hes an idiot. The fighting was kind of cool and and it sent a good message, but just not for me. sorry.
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Redbelt entices but dissapoints

By mhksfk
Written May 21, 2008
David Mamets movie deals with fight between morality and it;s opposite. The character of Mike Terry is very well acted. His unshakeable ethics are a little over the top. I don't think people realize that the film is an homage to "On the Waterfront". Brando's tragic but ultimately champion character is named Terry O'Malley. Coming out of the film I thought that I've seen it's issues in many films before. If the plot did not have such gaping holes I would have rated it higher. The bad guys are all carictatures.
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Bad review? Then you haven't a clue what this film is about.

By ElDroop
Written June 05, 2008
Ok, so, i keep reading bad reviews about this film. People who claim the script was bad and the acting and actor selection was bad. First off, if you believe these things, than you were expecting some epic martial arts film that belongs on the shelf with bruce lee. This film has nothing to do with martial arts, and everything to do with life. A man, struggling himself, puts his life on the line at times, and sets aside his family for the advancement of others. Thus is the life of many martial arts instructors. However, most instructors go on through life never being recognized even though they are the teachers to many that are thankful. This film recognizes the turmoil of one simple, hard working, ethical man. While you say it is a bad film, I say it is a great story. If you haven't seen this film, i recommend it. The fighting isn't brutal, and the story is full of meaning. The ending? He gets exactly what he has strived for his whole life. His mentors recognition.
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