It was okay, it could have been better

By seattle_watcher
Written August 13, 2012
This movie had a lot of promise to it. I think if the script was cleaned up in places it could have been a much better movie. I liked the beginning when Dr. Buckley and Dr. Matheson were debunking fraudulent psychics. However, when Silver was added to the mix it just seemed forced. The drive to pursue him from Dr. Buckley didn't come across as natural as it could have if there had been some incidences to warrant it. We did get a touching story from Dr. Matheson which was told brilliantly by Sigourney Weaver, but it wasn't enough to sell the storyline, in my opinion. We then get an event that does forcibly push things forward that I felt was awkward at best. The twist was okay and didn't upset me as most. The ending was okay, but I think with a better stitched script it would have been more satisfying. This movie was just so-so. I wanted it to be so much more, given the cast.
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By Peneflix
Written August 15, 2012
Slick, sophisticated beginning, quickly sinks into mediocrity, partially because director Rodrigo Cortes's ambitious mission and script are too erudite; his preoccupation and ardour of science and the cloudy, empirical world of the paranormal becomes detrimental, confusing; looses its path and the audience... Sigourney Weaver plays "Dr. Margaret Matheson" a psychologist specializing in debunking, exposing sensational, charlatan psychics. The part was written with her in mind and she owns it completely. She is assisted by "Tom Buckley" (gifted, beautiful Irish actor, Cillian Murphy, at first viable, flounders, fades as a legitimate scientist); the power of the film rests in their relationship; in one classroom scene they demonstrate how the paranormal mystique can be achieved by slight of hand, diversion, chiaroscuro . It was a partnership that, with a rewrite could have earned the film another star... TWO STARS!! ***For full review please visit peneflix (dot) com!!!
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By renatashaheen
Written March 17, 2013
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maybe more better and suspenseful

By maxbarajas70
Written November 12, 2012
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By crunk_posby
Written May 12, 2013
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