Rear Window

By Derrick Deane
Written October 19, 2007
This movie is the epitome of Hitchcock suspense. There is so much to learn from watching this movie and yet it is equally entertaining. The acting, the story, the cinematography, the set design, this movie is so well done. There is very little more to say about than to just highly recommend it.
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Five Word Review

By apwhite1502
Written October 09, 2009
Hitchcox's best. Suspenseful; dramatic; outstanding.
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Get a Front Seat for Rear Window!

By filmreal
Written November 24, 2007
"Rear Window" is one of my all-time favorite movies. It shows Hitchcock at his best. Performances by Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, and Thelma Ritter were outstanding. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the light humor (especially from Ritter) will have you chuckling. The climax at the end is one of the most suspenseful, scariest scenes in movie history. This movie is perfect, and I completely recommend it.
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Classic Hitchcock.

By Moviedude
Written August 25, 2007
Rear Window is an example of Hitchcock at his very best.A tense,suspenseful story of a journalist with a broken leg who spys on his neighbors is masterfully told in a way only 'Hitch' can tell.Jimmy Stewart is at his best,as always.This movie is much like hitchcock's The Birds,not story-wise but the way it starts as a comedy,then turns,as a usual Hitchcock movie does,unbearably suspenseful.It was of course fabulous on the big screen,and people should see this movie,or for that matter,anyone who hasn't heard of Hitchcock should see this,as it really shows how masterful Hitchcock was.Look for his cameo!
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REAR WINDOW Takes Front of the Class in Pure Movie-making

By lugubriousthespian
Written January 07, 2009
Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece of suspense REAR WINDOW effortlessly balances sophisticated wit with unbearable tension in a movie making stance all of its own!
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