Great movie concept

By Panchov1980
Written October 07, 2011
It was a Great movie for me.
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Real Steel: Good fun.....

By netcrammer
Written October 10, 2011
Great for a family with younger teens. Positive message. Rocky wihout the "AADDDRRIIAAANNN" --lol
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Real Steel, Real Enjoyable

By joemjilardi
Written October 23, 2011
Certainly not oscar worthy, but definitely worth seeing on the big screen. I come out of alot of movies and often say "should've waited for the video." But not this one. You can take the kids too.
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One Awesome Movie

By waldopg3
Written October 09, 2011
The critics say "soso"? They probably eat tofu! This was one of those movies that blew me away. I highly reccomend seeing it in IMAX though.
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IMAX was worth it!

By mmarshall71
Written October 19, 2011
Took 3 boys ages 9-11, and they loved it! The IMAX experience was well worth it... one of the boys said it felt like he was actually in it (the movie) because the seats were shaking everytime a robot took a step. I must say that I really enjoyed this one, too!
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