Ready Synopsis
An accountant's family hatches a plan to win over a woman and overcome her greedy uncles.

Movie Reviews

Very entertaining!!

By Mahadevg
A very entertaining movie with all the typical mix of a family entertainer!! Very good comedy and kind of keeps you smiling thru out the movie. Ram (new guy) has done well and Genelia too. All the...


By JustLuvMovies
If you take it for what it is...mind numbing dumb was really quite funny. Salman was good. Worth seeing, in my opinion...remember MIND NUMBING STUPID HUMOR :)...

Wll, I;m not ready for ready

By tanveerarora
I am a big Salman Khan fan. Even then, I did not like the movie at all. The movie lacks script, story, acting(for most of the people). Its 2011, and the actors acted as if they are still in the...

Nice family movie

By kanikabansal
If you looking for no brainers light-hearted entertainment, you must watch the movie...


By trush83
ggood movie...

Not As Good As Dabangg!

By keldes
Too long & boring. Songs are just ok. Exoected something more like Dabangg but no such luck....


By tavatsa
Senseless but funny...

Ready for What?

By akachhy
I could not understand the story or fathom the purpose of this sorry excuse of a movie. It has totally improbable characters, no story worth mentioning and location is sometimes some far eastern...


By judyali1
this was a perfect evening. i bought tickets on line, and it was great.....


By bollywood4
Very funny movie.Enjoyed the sets.The colors were spectacular....

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