Ray Liotta
Date of Birth
Dec 18, 1955
Birth Place:
Newark, NJ

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Jane Fonda Better Living Through Chemistry
2014 Sam Rockwell Better Living Through Chemistry
2014 Ken Howard Better Living Through Chemistry
2014 Mickey Rourke Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
2014 Powers Boothe Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
2014 Christopher Meloni Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
2014 Bruce Willis Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
2014 Christopher Lloyd Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
2014 Josh Brolin Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
2014 Dennis Haysbert Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
2014 Stacy Keach Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
2014 Seth Green The Identical
2014 Ashley Judd The Identical
2014 Joe Pantoliano The Identical
2014 Barry Pepper Kill the Messenger
2014 Andy Garcia Kill the Messenger
2014 Tim Blake Nelson Kill the Messenger
2014 Richard Schiff Kill the Messenger
2014 Oliver Platt Kill the Messenger
2014 Ricky Gervais Muppets Most Wanted
2014 Tina Fey Muppets Most Wanted
2014 Salma Hayek Muppets Most Wanted
2014 Stanley Tucci Muppets Most Wanted
2013 Michael Chiklis Pawn
2013 Forest Whitaker Pawn
2013 Stephen Lang Pawn
2013 Michael Paré Suddenly
2012 Jane Lynch Abominable Christmas
2012 Emilio Estevez Abominable Christmas
2012 Val Kilmer Breathless
2012 Gina Gershon Breathless
2012 Emilio Estevez Dear Dracula
2012 David Schwimmer The Iceman
2012 Winona Ryder The Iceman
2012 Stephen Dorff The Iceman
2012 Robert Davi The Iceman
2012 Sam Shepard Killing Them Softly
2012 Richard Jenkins Killing Them Softly
2012 Brad Pitt Killing Them Softly
2012 James Gandolfini Killing Them Softly
2012 Eva Mendes The Place Beyond the Pines
2012 Bruce Greenwood The Place Beyond the Pines
2012 Ryan Gosling The Place Beyond the Pines
2012 Harris Yulin The Place Beyond the Pines
2012 Gena Rowlands Yellow
2012 David Morse Yellow
2011 Lynn Whitfield All Things Fall Apart
2011 Mario Van Peebles All Things Fall Apart
2011 Laura Linney The Details
2011 Dennis Haysbert The Details
2011 Tobey Maguire The Details
2011 Stephen McHattie The Entitled
2011 Ving Rhames The River Murders
2011 Melora Walters The River Murders
2011 Christian Slater The River Murders
2010 Donal Logue Charlie St. Cloud
2010 Kim Basinger Charlie St. Cloud
2010 Sigourney Weaver Crazy on the Outside
2010 Jeanne Tripplehorn Crazy on the Outside
2010 J.K. Simmons Crazy on the Outside
2010 Tim Allen Crazy on the Outside
2010 Kelsey Grammer Crazy on the Outside
2010 Christopher Lloyd Snowmen
2010 Al Pacino The Son of No One
2010 Juliette Binoche The Son of No One
2009 Ashley Judd Crossing Over
2009 Harrison Ford Crossing Over
2009 Armand Assante The Line
2009 Joe Morton The Line
2009 Jason Connery The Line
2009 Andy Garcia The Line
2009 Esai Morales The Line
2009 Lisa Kudrow Powder Blue
2009 Kris Kristofferson Powder Blue
2009 Patrick Swayze Powder Blue
2009 Forest Whitaker Powder Blue
2009 Fred Willard Youth in Revolt
2009 Miguel Arteta Youth in Revolt
2009 Jean Smart Youth in Revolt
2009 Mary Kay Place Youth in Revolt
2009 Steve Buscemi Youth in Revolt
2009 M. Emmet Walsh Youth in Revolt
2008 Jean Smart Hero Wanted
2008 Ben Cross Hero Wanted
2008 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Hero Wanted
2008 Leelee Sobieski In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
2008 Burt Reynolds In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
2008 John Rhys-Davies In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
2008 Ron Perlman In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale
2007 Connie Nielsen Battle in Seattle
2007 Rade Serbedzija Battle in Seattle
2007 Charlize Theron Battle in Seattle
2007 Woody Harrelson Battle in Seattle
2007 Alan Arkin Bee Movie
2007 Sting Bee Movie
2007 Barry Levinson Bee Movie
2007 Jerry Seinfeld Bee Movie
2007 Chris Rock Bee Movie
2007 Oprah Winfrey Bee Movie
2007 Michael Richards Bee Movie
2007 Tim Blake Nelson Bee Movie
2007 Kathy Bates Bee Movie
2007 Renée Zellweger Bee Movie
2007 John Goodman Bee Movie
2007 Rip Torn Bee Movie
2007 William H. Macy Bee Movie
2007 Renée Taylor Bee Movie
2007 Matthew Broderick Bee Movie
2007 Michael O'Keefe Chasing 3000
2007 Keith David Chasing 3000
2007 Seymour Cassel Chasing 3000
2007 M. Emmet Walsh Chasing 3000
2007 Kim Basinger Even Money
2007 Danny DeVito Even Money
2007 Forest Whitaker Even Money
2007 Jay Mohr Even Money
2007 Carla Gugino Even Money
2007 Kelsey Grammer Even Money
2007 Mark Rydell Even Money
2007 Tim Roth Even Money
2007 Taye Diggs Slow Burn
2007 Peter Berg Smokin' Aces
2007 Alex Rocco Smokin' Aces
2007 Andy Garcia Smokin' Aces
2007 Ben Affleck Smokin' Aces
2007 Marisa Tomei Wild Hogs
2007 Martin Lawrence Wild Hogs
2007 William H. Macy Wild Hogs
2007 Jill Hennessy Wild Hogs
2007 Tim Allen Wild Hogs
2007 John C. McGinley Wild Hogs
2007 John Travolta Wild Hogs
2007 Peter Fonda Wild Hogs
2007 Stephen Tobolowsky Wild Hogs
2006 Glenne Headly Comeback Season
2006 Armin Mueller-Stahl Local Color
2006 Diana Scarwid Local Color
2006 Ron Perlman Local Color
2006 Charles Durning Local Color
2006 Samantha Mathis Local Color
2006 Shohreh Aghdashloo Smith [TV Series]
2006 Virginia Madsen Smith [TV Series]
2005 Francesca Annis Revolver
2004 Willem Dafoe Control
2004 Tim Blake Nelson The Last Shot
2004 Noriyuki "Pat" Morita The Last Shot
2004 Calista Flockhart The Last Shot
2004 Buck Henry The Last Shot
2004 Matthew Broderick The Last Shot
2004 Alec Baldwin The Last Shot
2004 Tony Shalhoub The Last Shot
2004 Toni Collette The Last Shot
2003 Marisa Tomei Anger Management
2003 Harry Dean Stanton Anger Management
2003 Woody Harrelson Anger Management
2003 John C. Reilly Anger Management
2003 Adam Sandler Anger Management
2003 Heather Graham Anger Management
2003 John Turturro Anger Management
2003 Jack Nicholson Anger Management
2003 Lynne Thigpen Anger Management
2003 Luis Guzman Anger Management
2003 Jake Busey Identity
2003 Rebecca De Mornay Identity
2003 John Cusack Identity
2003 Pruitt Taylor Vince Identity
2003 Amanda Peet Identity
2003 John C. McGinley Identity
2003 Alfred Molina Identity
2002 Robert Duvall John Q.
2002 Denzel Washington John Q.
2002 Anne Heche John Q.
2002 James Woods John Q.
2002 Jason Patric Narc
2002 John Leguizamo Point of Origin
2002 Illeana Douglas Point of Origin
2001 Paul Reubens Blow
2001 Bobcat Goldthwait Blow
2001 Johnny Depp Blow
2001 Max Perlich Blow
2001 Penélope Cruz Blow
2001 Franka Potente Blow
2001 Rachel Griffiths Blow
2001 Gary Cole [act] Family Guy: Brian Does Hollywood
2001 Zeljko Ivanek Hannibal
2001 Julianne Moore Hannibal
2001 Gary Oldman Hannibal
2001 Giancarlo Giannini Hannibal
2001 Anthony Hopkins Hannibal
2001 Jeffrey Jones Heartbreakers
2001 Gene Hackman Heartbreakers
2001 Sigourney Weaver Heartbreakers
2001 Anne Bancroft Heartbreakers
2001 Jason Lee Heartbreakers
2000 Paul Newman The Directors: Martin Scorsese
2000 Jodie Foster The Directors: Martin Scorsese
2000 Joe Pesci The Directors: Martin Scorsese
2000 Willem Dafoe The Directors: Martin Scorsese
2000 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio The Directors: Martin Scorsese
2000 Catherine McCormack A Rumor of Angels
2000 Vanessa Redgrave A Rumor of Angels
1999 Armin Mueller-Stahl Inferno
1999 F. Murray Abraham Muppets from Space
1999 Andie MacDowell Muppets from Space
1999 Pat Hingle Muppets from Space
1999 David Arquette Muppets from Space
1999 Frank Oz Muppets from Space
1999 Jeffrey Tambor Muppets from Space
1999 Josh Charles Muppets from Space
1998 Anthony LaPaglia Phoenix
1998 Giancarlo Esposito Phoenix
1998 Anjelica Huston Phoenix
1998 Tom Noonan Phoenix
1998 Deborah Kara Unger The Rat Pack
1998 William Petersen The Rat Pack
1998 Joe Mantegna The Rat Pack
1998 Don Cheadle The Rat Pack
1998 Zeljko Ivanek The Rat Pack
1998 Dan O'Herlihy The Rat Pack
1998 Veronica Cartwright The Rat Pack
1997 Robert De Niro Cop Land
1997 Cathy Moriarty Cop Land
1997 Peter Berg Cop Land
1997 Janeane Garofalo Cop Land
1997 Harvey Keitel Cop Land
1997 Michael Rapaport Cop Land
1997 Sylvester Stallone Cop Land
1997 Annabella Sciorra Cop Land
1997 Frank Vincent Cop Land
1997 Catherine Hicks Turbulence
1997 Brendan Gleeson Turbulence
1997 Hector Elizondo Turbulence
1997 Ben Cross Turbulence
1997 Rachel Ticotin Turbulence
1996 Christopher McDonald Unforgettable
1996 David Paymer Unforgettable
1996 Linda Fiorentino Unforgettable
1996 Kim Cattrall Unforgettable
1996 Peter Coyote Unforgettable
1995 Denis Leary Operation Dumbo Drop
1995 Tchéky Karyo Operation Dumbo Drop
1995 Danny Glover Operation Dumbo Drop
1994 Wendy Crewson Corrina, Corrina
1994 Joan Cusack Corrina, Corrina
1994 Cathy Moriarty Corrina, Corrina
1994 Don Ameche Corrina, Corrina
1994 Whoopi Goldberg Corrina, Corrina
1994 Kevin J. O'Connor No Escape
1994 Tom Laughlin No Escape
1994 Michael Lerner No Escape
1994 Ernie Hudson No Escape
1994 Kevin Dillon No Escape
1994 Lance Henriksen No Escape
1992 Eli Wallach Article 99
1992 Noble Willingham Article 99
1992 Kiefer Sutherland Article 99
1992 Jeffrey Tambor Article 99
1992 Keith David Article 99
1992 Forest Whitaker Article 99
1992 Kathy Baker Article 99
1992 Julie Bovasso Article 99
1992 Lea Thompson Article 99
1992 John Mahoney Article 99
1992 John C. McGinley Article 99
1992 Lynne Thigpen Article 99
1992 Dick Miller Unlawful Entry
1992 Roger E. Mosley Unlawful Entry
1992 Djimon Hounsou Unlawful Entry
1992 Robert Costanzo Unlawful Entry
1992 Andy Romano Unlawful Entry
1992 Kurt Russell Unlawful Entry
1992 Madeleine Stowe Unlawful Entry
1991 Juliette Binoche Women and Men: In Love There are No Rules
1991 Jerry Stiller Women and Men: In Love There are No Rules
1991 Kyra Sedgwick Women and Men: In Love There are No Rules
1991 Matt Dillon Women and Men: In Love There are No Rules
1991 Jared Harris Women and Men: In Love There are No Rules
1991 Scott Glenn Women and Men: In Love There are No Rules
1991 Andie MacDowell Women and Men: In Love There are No Rules
1990 Robert De Niro GoodFellas
1990 Lorraine Bracco GoodFellas
1990 Illeana Douglas GoodFellas
1990 Samuel L. Jackson GoodFellas
1990 Michael Imperioli GoodFellas
1990 Vincent Gallo GoodFellas
1990 Joe Pesci GoodFellas
1990 Henny Youngman GoodFellas
1990 Paul Sorvino GoodFellas
1990 Frank Vincent GoodFellas
1989 Frank Whaley Field of Dreams
1989 Timothy Busfield Field of Dreams
1989 Anne Seymour Field of Dreams
1989 Burt Lancaster Field of Dreams
1989 Kevin Costner Field of Dreams
1989 Art La Fleur Field of Dreams
1989 James Earl Jones Field of Dreams
1989 Lee Garlington Field of Dreams
1989 Amy Madigan Field of Dreams
1988 Eric Bogosian Arena Brains
1988 Sean Young Arena Brains
1988 Michael Stipe Arena Brains
1988 Todd Graff Dominick and Eugene
1988 Tom Hulce Dominick and Eugene
1988 David Strathairn Dominick and Eugene
1988 Jamie Lee Curtis Dominick and Eugene
1986 Tracey Walter Something Wild
1986 John Sayles Something Wild
1986 Charles Napier Something Wild
1986 Melanie Griffith Something Wild
1986 Jeff Daniels Something Wild
1986 Margaret Colin Something Wild
1983 Scatman Crothers Casablanca [TV Series]
1983 Hector Elizondo Casablanca [TV Series]
1983 Arthur Malet Casablanca [TV Series]
1983 Lloyd Bochner The Lonely Lady
1981 Amy Madigan Crazy Times
1981 Michael Paré Crazy Times
1981 Bert Remsen Crazy Times
1981 Ernie Hudson Crazy Times
1981 Ann Doran Crazy Times
1981 Talia Balsam Crazy Times
1981 David Caruso Crazy Times
1980 Sharon Gless Hardhat and Legs
1980 Ruth Gordon Hardhat and Legs
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