There's A Rat in the Kitchen!

By Aurone
Written June 23, 2007
This movie has a dash of humor, combined with a savory plot, with a pinch or two of good animation. Ratatouille is an interesting computer animated film with a good message of be yourself and follow your dreams no matter impossible they might seem. It has a solid plot, great voicing and good animation. Remy is a rat unlike any other; he has a delicate nose that can sense any smell. He also has a secret wish to become a chief. When circumstances bring him to Paris and the restaurant of the chief he so admires all he needs is a chance. That chance comes in the form of the new garbage boy, Linguini, at the restaurant. Linguini gets mistaken for a cook when he messes up a soup and Remy fixes it and makes it better than before. Linguini and Remy come to an understanding and decide to work together and hilarity ensues. The voicing is nicely done, as is the animation. This is a great family film. Don’t miss it.
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By cabinboy
Written June 12, 2007
(I got to catch this yesterday at a Black Carpet preview. I don't quite understand the team-up of miceSpace and Pixar, but I can't argue with a free screening to an excellent film =) PIXAR does it again! Freakin' genius! A beautiful Paris full of loveable rats! And some pretty okay rodents, too. All voiced by talented actors and animated with style, personality, and brilliant timing. A clever and wonderful follow-thru on a sweetly improbable premise. And, for those who care about cg 3-d imaging, not only *gorgeous* water, fire, and fur, but delicious-looking FOOD! Heartwarming story and laughs for all ages. (Maybe I'm too quick to go to the gutter with humor, but MAN, that dirty old O'Toole gets to drop a pretty adult joke in there!) Don't dare show up late or you'll miss the pre-show short, the simple comic genius of "Lifted!" Thank you, Pixar, for doing what you do, and do best, once again marrying most excellent characters and storytelling with such *animated* animation!
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By Movie Freak10
Written September 05, 2007
This Is A Very GoodMovie!! It Kept Me Laughing. Trust Me It Is Great For The Kids Or The Date.All Ages Can Enjoy My Mother Is 43 And She Told Me She Loved It So If You Love A Cool Anitmed Movie For All Ages Go See Ratatouille In Theatres!!
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Great to See on the Big Screen

By Big Mc
Written November 25, 2007
My 8 year old was skeptical about this one. He ended up enjoying it tremendously. There is none of the typical rude humor in the animated films of late. This is good story with many situational laughs. The animation is impeccable Disney quality.
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Everyone can cook!

By vandaria
Written December 02, 2007
Good movie x]
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