A little silly.. But worth it

By Sharlliee
Written June 11, 2013
I chuckled throughout the movie. It's worth seeing.
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By mando_garcia
Written June 23, 2013
Hated the protagonists..especially the girl's stupid boyfriend. Tries to be somewhat preachy about live without caring about the afterlife but epically fails. Just no.
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By gigo0201
Written March 01, 2014
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A Satire about the Rapture

By brucelee0014
Written May 26, 2014
The rapture finally happen but Anna Kendrick, her boyfriend and her family didnt get sent to heaven. Talking locusts ,walking Wraith making them like pothead zombies and the occasional meteor shower are the few that plague Earth but its livable. The Beast A.K.A the Antichrist played by Craig Robinson wants to marry and basically sleep with Anna Kendrick. He gave her a choice to marry him or kill everyone she knows so she and her boyfriend came up with a plan. A decent satire about the rapture with sarcastic humor by Anna Kendrick and Craig Robinson raunchy humor. A good cast and cameos, it could of been better but the movie did have moments especially with Craig Robinson and Anna Kendrick together. Rapture-Palooza comedic approach towards the rapture and religion work with some success.
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