Rann - A Real Media and Political Battleground.

By akshat89
Written February 02, 2010
If you ever saw Sarkar/Sarkar Raj and liked it, then this is the movie you donot want to miss out on. Very Realistic, Insightful, and Engaging.
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Educational interesting Documentary

By singhneeraj11
Written February 14, 2010
Very nice movie, at least worth watching once. Shows the actual reality in politics and media. Keeps the attention through out.
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Print is horrible

By akjain672
Written February 08, 2010
Please avoid this movie watching in theater. The print is so bad that it seems like a hand held cheap camera. It is pure waste of money and time. Wait until the DVD comes. Overall the movie is less than average.
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Bandarkar would have been better!

By mov1efan
Written January 30, 2010
The movie has a great message, but it could have been presented more effectively if more research would have been done for the film. Looks like RGV just edited his Sarkar script with media. Performances were great, it does keep your attention, and I loved the beginning credits. It's good cuz of its message, but one time watch!
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By sbrarmd
Written March 25, 2013
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